Who did numbuh 5 like?

Who did numbuh 5 like?

Maurice (current Teens operative for the KND) was introduced in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. and throughout the episode, there are many of hints showing Numbuh 5’s interest in Maurice. She admired him three years ago when they were in the same Sector.

Who is number 5 in kids next door?

Abigail Lincoln
Numbuh 5 is the intelligent, laid-back, tomboyish African-American girl Abigail Lincoln. Following a period of training, every member of the Kids Next Door chooses a number or alphanumeric code (deliberately pronounced and spelled as “Numbuh”) and is sent to a “sector” that acts as their home base.

How old is Cree Lincoln?

around 16
Cree Lincoln is the older sister of Abigail Lincoln. She is currently around 16 and is the leader of the Teen Ninjas in service of Father. Cree was formerly a KND operative under the codename of Numbuh 11 in Sector V before she turned 13, at which point she escaped decommissioning and defected to the side of evil.

Why is Nigel Uno bald?

that Numbuh 1’s baldness was caused by the Delightful Children From Down The Lane and something to do with Numbuh 5 before she recruited him. While transforming back into a kid (he was turned into a baby), it is seen that Numbuh 1 had brown hair, but it immediately disappeared once in his normal form.

Is numbuh 4 a girl?

Wallabee “Wally” Beetles a.k.a. Numbuh 4 is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant Australian boy of Kids Next Door Sector V.

What number is Kuki Sanban?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) Kuki Sanban (三番茎) a.k.a. Numbuh 3 is a happy-go-lucky, 10-year-old 4th-grade Japanese-American girl who is in charge of Diversionary Tactics and is the Medical Specialist of Sector V.

How did codename end?

In the end credits, Numbuhs 2 – 5 are all recommissioned. When it’s over, they have a party on the moon and go back to their fixed treehouse.

Who is the father of Numbuh 5 in KND?

Dr. Lincoln is the father of Numbuh 5, Cree and Junior Lincoln, and husband of Mrs. Lincoln . Like most adults, he seems pretty oblivious to the KND ‘s goings-on. Not only that, he also embarrasses his daughters by bringing up certain things that were supposed to be private in front of their fathers causing both of them to scold him to stop.

Who is Numbuh 5 in Kids Next Door?

Abigail Lincoln a.k.a. Numbuh 5 is one of the four deuteragonists of the 2002 animated series, Codename: Kids Next Door. She is an African American Kids Next Door Operative in Sector V. She became a KND operative three years before the show started as shown in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.

Who is the father of Numbuh 5 Cree and junior Lincoln?

Dr. Lincoln is the father of Numbuh 5, Cree and Junior Lincoln, and husband of Mrs. Lincoln.

How did Numbuh 5 get Numbuh 1 on her team?

After her sister’s betrayal, Numbuh 5 was the leader of Sector V and Numbuh 1 was assigned to her team. In Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E., it is revealed that she hacked into the system and changed Numbuh 1’s grades so he could get in, making her the reason he got into the Kids Next Door the first place.

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