Who are the actors in the movie The Departed?

Who are the actors in the movie The Departed?

The Departed is a 2006 American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by William Monahan. It is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. The Departed stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg, with Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga, Anthony Anderson,…

Who is Colin Sullivan in the movie The Departed?

The protégé of Costello, Colin Sullivan, is promoted in the Massachusetts State Police and is the informer of Costello. Each police officer gives his best effort trying to disclose the identity of the other “rat.”

What are some interesting facts about the departed?

Here’s some offscreen trivia about the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. While The Departed may not be Martin Scorsese’s most popular film, it still has plenty of merit. It’s fast-paced, it’s shot beautifully, the performances by the cast are riveting, and the plot is brilliantly complex.

What was the box office gross for the departed?

Box office. The Departed grossed $132.4 million in the United States and Canada and $159 million in other territories for a total gross of $291.5 million, against a production budget of $90 million. The film grossed $26.9 million in its opening weekend, becoming the third Scorsese film to debut at number one.

Who are the actors in the movie Kashmakash?

1 Feroz Khan Satish Gupta 2 Shatrughan Sinha Inspector Sinha 3 Rekha Seeta 4 Asha Sachdev Ritu 5 Ramesh Deo Manmohan 6 Zeb Rahman Lata (Johny’s Sister) 7 I. S. Johar I. S. Johar / Kanhai 8 Ranjeet Johny 9 Padma Khanna Sapna 10 Rehman (actor) Rana Chaudhary

Who is the husband of Sapna in Kashmakash?

Satish Gupta and Seeta are a happily married couple till one day, on the insistence of his friend ManMohan, Satish visits Sapna for an illicit rendezvous at her hotel where she performs as a cabaret artist, and there he sees her in her bathtub, from wherein she leads him to her bed.

Who was the composer of the movie The Departed?

The film score for The Departed was written by Howard Shore and performed by guitarists Sharon Isbin, G. E. Smith, Larry Saltzman and Marc Ribot. The score was recorded in Shore’s own studio in New York State.

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