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Which class is best for PvP gw2?

Which class is best for PvP gw2?

This build focuses mainly on two aspects: DPS while being Tanky enough to confidently take on enemies.

  • Why Condition Necromancer is great for PvP:
  • Pick Condition Necromancer if:
  • Why Support Holosmith is great for PvP:
  • Pick Support Holosmith if:
  • Why Support Scourge is great for PvP:
  • Pick Support Scourge if:

Is gw2 good for PvP?

PvP feels really good in Guild Wars 2 because the action combat system promotes fluidity of movement and the lack of a hard trinity of roles allows players to play what they want to play.

Is GW2 Worth Playing 2021?

So, is Guild Wars 2 worth playing in 2021? Definitely yes! Guild Wars 2 offers a huge amount of unique content that competing MMOs lack of. There are a lot of people playing it, so you will never have trouble finding a party for a dungeon\raid or match in PvP in no time.

What is the highest DPS in GW2?

#1 The Thief

  • The Power Deadeye build is benchmarked at 38771 DPS on small hitbox targets. It has the highest single target DPS with no cleaving abilities in its current state.
  • The Power Daredevil build is benchmarked at 35018 DPS on small hitbox targets.

What is the most fun class in GW2?

So if you’re looking for a “fun” leveling experience, I can personally recommend the Ranger and Guardian. If you’re looking for an “easy” leveling experience, Necro can get it done. If you’re actually skilled at playing the game (unlike me) Mesmer can be rather cool.

Is there a heavy class in Guild Wars 2?

A heavy class available only with the purchase of an expansion pack and not included in the core game. This class, but this one has more ranged capabilities than the Guardian with the Renegade elite, which is only available with the purchase of either Path of Fire or Heart of Thorns.

Which is the best build in Guild Wars 2?

The best Mesmer build uses illusions, dueling, and mirage. These are specializations that emphasize the Mesmers dodging, blocking, shattering, illusions, and cloak abilities. Why is this the best build? Guild Wars 2 pvp is one of the most rewarding matches to play. It is a battle of wits, ability, and skill.

Which is the best tier in Guild Wars 2?

S-Tier – This Tier has the best of the best. They are good in all versions of Player versus Environment including fractals as well as being desirable in raid groups. The situation is this: ArenaNet works hard to develop a well-balanced set of classes so that no one class or build can be overpowered.

Which is the best class to play in PvP?

So that you can be successful in PvP, you have two options. You’re playing a build that does a lot of damage or one that can take a lot. Right at the top of the DPS list are the Revenant with the Elite Renegade Specialization and a Shortbow build and the Guardian as a Dragon Hunter and a Burning Condi build.

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