Where is Hansville 98340?

Where is Hansville 98340?

Hansville, Washington, United States

Does it snow in Hansville Washington?

Hansville averages 2 inches of snow per year.

What island is Hansville on?

Whidbey Island
Hansville is located on the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula, affording sweeping views of Admiralty Inlet, Whidbey Island, and Puget Sound. There is an abundance of wildlife viewing including whale watching at the right times and loads of bird watching.

Whats in Hansville?

Here is the list of things to do in Hansville and tourist attractions in city.

  • Point No Point Lighthouse. 4.8 (188 Votes)
  • Buck Lake County Park. 4.6 (80 Votes)
  • Point No Point Overlook Bench.
  • Mirth Airport. 41417 Foulweather Bluff Rd NE.
  • Norwegian Point Park.
  • Skunk Bay Lighthouse.
  • Hansville Beach.
  • Hansville Community Church.

What is the zip code for Hansville Washington?

Hansville/Zip codes

What district is Kitsap County?

Washington’s 6th congressional district encompasses the Olympic Peninsula, most of the Kitsap Peninsula, and most of the city of Tacoma.

Where is Point No Point?

Kitsap Peninsula
Point No Point is an outcropping of land on the northeast point of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington, the United States. It was the location of the signing of the Point No Point Treaty and is the site of the Point No Point Light.

What House district is Tacoma in?

Is Kim Schrier Democrat?

Democratic Party
Kim Schrier/Parties

How did Point No Point get its name?

It was named by U.S. Navy Lt. Charles Wilkes, who commanded the United States Exploring Expedition in 1841. As he approached the spit of land, he thought it was a substantial point. When he realized it was much smaller than he expected, he named it Point No Point.

How do you Fish Point No Point?

Point No Point is always fished on the outgoing tide. Pilot Point produces the vast majority of the salmon catch on the incoming tide. On the incoming tide, flows and currents are very strong in this area. Bait (herring and candlefish) will be pushed to the down side of Point No Point, and the salmon move with them.

What district is Derek Kilmer?

Representative (D-WA 6th District) since 2013
Derek Kilmer/Office

Where is Hansville in Kitsap County, Washington?

Hansville is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. Its population was 3,091 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. The coastal community is located at the northern end of the Kitsap Peninsula and is about 16 miles (26 km) northeast of Poulsbo, the nearest city.

Is there a newspaper in Hansville, wa?

The only general media sited in the community is the Hansville Log, a monthly newsletter published by the Greater Hansville Community Center. The North Kitsap Herald, which was established in 1901 and whose offices are in Poulsbo, is a weekly newspaper that serves Hansville, Suquamish, Kingston, Indianola, Keyport, and Poulsbo.

Who was the first resident of Hansville Washington?

Plaque on the Point No Point Treaty monument in Hansville. The first regular residents of Hansville were the lightkeepers of the Point No Point Light, which was constructed in 1879. In 1893 a Norwegian fisherman, the community’s first permanent settler not affiliated with the lighthouse, came to the area.

What was the first church in Hansville Washington?

In 1900 the Hansville Community Church was founded, with the first permanent structure for the congregation built nine years later. Hansville was connected to Point No Point and its lighthouse by a road constructed in 1908.

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