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Where is Alik Alfus now?

Where is Alik Alfus now?

What’s his occupation? Alik is the co-owner of a super successful textiles company called Libra Leather. He co-owns the business with his father and sister.

Is Alik Alfus rich?

TV personality and business man Alik Alfus is mostly recognised for his role in the English reality television show Made in Chelsea, and has an estimated net worth of £2.6 million.

Did Louise kiss Elliot?

Made in Chelsea’s Alik Alfus has been causing a stir on Twitter following Monday night’s episode in which his girlfriend Louise Thompson admitted to kissing Elliot Cross. Alik (27) was seen taking the call in New York from Louise (25) in London as she revealed, “‘Basically, apparently I kissed Elliot.

How old is Alik Alfus?

32 years (November 25, 1988)
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Did Alik cheat on Louise?

Louise, who revealed her engagement to her fellow Made In Chelsea co-stars this week, dated Alik for two years before calling it quits and moving swiftly on with Ryan. Alik revealed: “I got cheated on and she left me for a personal trainer who she is now marrying”.

When did Ryan and Louise start dating?

Louise has since admitted they first meet in 2015 when Ryan gave her a personal training session. He then made his debut on the show in August 2016 in the special South of France spin-off. The pair recently announced they are engaged with Ryan popping the question on his birthday on August 4.

How long was Louise with Alik?

Made in Chelsea’s resident bride-to-be Louise Thompson has revealed her thoughts on her ex Alik Alfus’ appearance on Celebs Go Dating – and she didn’t hold back. The pair dated for two years and the relationship and break-up both played out on-screen on the E4 reality show.

Why did Louise and Alik break up?

When asked why his last romance ended, the American hunk said: ‘I got cheated on and she left me for a personal trainer who she is now marrying. ‘ Alik said he was now looking to get back into a serious relationship having been single since his romance with Louise ended.

How long were Frankie gaff and Jamie Laing together?

The couple were together on-and-off for about a year – and they’ve both been hit with cheating allegations, with Jamie’s best mate Alex claiming Frankie had tried to hit on him on a night out last year.

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