Where can I find old newspapers UK?

Where can I find old newspapers UK?

Find regional newspaper collections in:

  • British Library Newspapers – the main British copyright collection.
  • The National Library of Wales.
  • National Library of Scotland.
  • Belfast Central Library.
  • National Library of Ireland.

How do I look up old newspapers?

There are three major web searchable archives in the U.S.:

  1. Google’s Historical Newspapers:
  2. (
  3. Newsbank’s Newspaper Archive (

Is the BNA free?

From today, one million pages on the British Newspaper Archive site have become free to view, so not requiring any subscription payment. The BNA has over 44 million newspaper pages, mostly British and Irish titles, ranging from 1699 to 2009, or just under 10 per cent of all newspapers held by the British Library.

What newspapers are in England?

1) The Sun. A tabloid newspaper founded in 1964 and published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 2) The Sun on Sunday. The Sun on Sunday was launched to replace the defunct News of the World. 3) Daily Mail. 4) Mail On Sunday. 5) Metro. 6) The Sunday Times. 7) News – London Evening Standard. 8) Daily Mirror. 9) The Times. 10) Daily Telegraph.

What are historical newspapers?

Historical newspaper content is among researchers’ most sought-after primary source material. With more than 60 premier stand-alone historical titles, ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ is the definitive newspaper digital archive empowering researchers to digitally travel back through centuries to become eyewitnesses to history.

What is the British newspaper?

The Guardian. Written By: The Guardian, formerly (1821–1959) The Manchester Guardian, influential daily newspaper published in London, generally considered one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers.

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