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When was the big flood in Cork?

When was the big flood in Cork?

On the night of 31 July/1 August, the River Blackwater in Cork burst its banks, causing severe flooding between Banteer and Mallow.

Why is Cork prone to flooding?

Fluvial mechanism in Cork area is a critical driver of flooding and the most severe floods in Cork City result from extreme river flows combined with moderate-to-high sea water levels.

How many times has Cork flooded?

Source: Cork City Council [61] Cork has experienced frequent flooding throughout its history; some 292 floods were reported over the period 1841-1988. [62] In more recent times, floods causing damage to property in the city occurred in 1996, 2000, 2009, and 2014.

When did the river Lee Flood?

In late 2009 the river flooded, causing some of the most significant damage in Cork city for a number of centuries. The Lee Water Station was forced to shut down after being submerged under six metres of water, and resulted in 40% of Cork City (50,000 people) being without running water for over a week.

What caused the 2008 Irish flash floods?

Torrential rain has resulted in flash floods with Munster and Leinster being the worst affected regions of the country. Met Éireann Meteorologist Jean Bryne explains the downpours were sparked off by, A low pressure system to the south of the country that combined with reasonably warm air over Ireland.

Why does the River Lee Flood?

Tidal considerations, combined with low-lying urban developments, and later dam management contribute to repeated flooding events on the Lee. For example, specific streets in Cork city centre have been affected by floods more than 100 times since the mid-19th century.

Is Cork City sinking?

Much of Cork could be under water by 2050 according to the latest report by a leading climate change research body. Climate Central have been releasing maps over the last few years in which they showed the affect a 2mm and 4mm rise in sea-levels would mean.

What river runs through Cork?

The River Lee rises in the Shehy Mountains encircling Gougane Barra on the Cork/Kerry border. It flows due east and runs 65km to Cork city.

Is it safe to swim in the Lee river?

The incident has prompted a water safety from Cork City Council, which manages the park, urging people not to swim in the river at this location. It is particularly prone to fast-flows and dangerous currents if the ESB discharges water from its hydroelectric dam at Inniscarra a few kilometres upstream.

What was the cost of the flood in Cork?

IT was a perfect storm as high tides, storm surge, heavy rain and strong winds combined to batter Cork city with the worst flooding in over five years. The cost of the damage is estimated to run into the millions with up to 100 buildings and several vehicles affected by Monday’s floods.

How big is the storm surge in Cork?

The storm surge could reach 0.55 metre in Cork harbour and slightly lower in west Cork. “High tides, combined with strong winds and predicted storm surge levels, give an elevated risk of coastal flooding, in particular in areas such as Bantry, which are prone to coastal flooding.”

Where was the flood in Carrigaline, Ireland?

At one point, the flood waters on Winthrop Street were so deep that heavy metal beer kegs floated away from outside closed pubs. Major diversions were in place as a result of high tide which flooded the Crosshaven road and the town center of Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland. – Picture; David Creedon / Anzenberger

Where is the water in Cork city centre?

Large parts of Cork City centre are under several inches of water this morning, with South Mall described as “a lake”. Water is cascading down Oliver Plunkett Street and adjacent streets, with desperate businesses working tirelessly to keep the waters from their doors.

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