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What was the pilot episode of Wansapanataym about?

What was the pilot episode of Wansapanataym about?

The pilot episode of Wansapanataym. It is a story about Rico, who finds a miniature castle that can transport him to a world of fairy tales where Princess Leyla lives. In the end, Princess Leyla falls in love with Rico.

Who is Penelope in Wansapanataym episode Meet Tonyo?

Meet Tonyo, a boy who was electrocuted which gives him electric powers to help people who are in danger and in which he will fall in love with a news reporter named Penelope. This episode will teach people the value of obedience.

Who is Queenie in the Wansapanataym series?

It is the story of Queenie, a greedy toy store owner. When Quennie decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Queenie’s hands and forces her to give away everything she has.

Who is the actress who plays Joy in Wansapanataym?

Joy is a young girl who grew up in an orphanage and who desires nothing but to find a family who will love and accept her. Despite her sadness, Joy finds a new source of inspiration through the popular celebrity JP, to be portrayed by IƱigo.

Who is Joanna from the TV show Wansapanataym?

Joanna is a fake spiritualist that will encounter adventures especially when all her lies come true and she begins to see ghosts like Kwatzy. Marian is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who falls in love with a janitor named Joey.

Who is shaggy in the Wansapanataym episode?

An episode that will spread the spirit of the Yuletide season to kids and families. Shaggy is a young orphan who doesn’t believe in Christmas and in the existence of Santa Claus. What will Shaggy do when he personally meets the person he thought was unreal?

Who is Charles from the TV show Wansapanataym?

Charles is the handsome boss and secret crush of an ugly duckling named Elaine. Elaine’s dream to make Charles fall for her eventually comes true when she is given a magic bowl that makes her attractive in the eyes of the person who eats a fruitcake she bakes in it.

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