What was the music like in the 2010s?

What was the music like in the 2010s?

In the 2010s, streaming gave us a granular sense of the songs people loved and the artists they wanted to hear, and even as streaming services tried to segment taste into fabricated sub-sub-genre playlists, people pursued their own interests and artists were free to follow their arrows.

What kind of music did Kelis sing in 2010?

Kelis returned in 2010 and moved away from strong R&B to a more electronic dance-pop oriented sound. The inspirational lyrics are inspired by her son Knight. If you feel that you tend to run into the song “Secrets” nearly everywhere, it’s probably not your imagination.

Who was the official World Cup song for 2010?

Shakira’s official anthem for the 2010 World Cup combines African and Latin elements for a truly international pop sound. Trash pop at its finest. The duo 3OH!3 returned with party girl Ke$ha in tow.

What was the theme song for the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Matisyahu’s spiritually uplifting prayer for peace in our world was used extensively as a theme song for NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics . The Cash Money hip-hop label rolled out its superstar list of young rap artists to put together this clever collaborative effort.

In the 2010s, as playlists swelled with unrelated tracks and algorithms shot listeners off in all directions, the full-length release started to feel on the verge of becoming an antique. But great artists will always want to create works that expand their visions, and this decade, they found new ways to push the LP forward.

Which is the Best Album of the year 2020?

The 50 Best Albums of 2020. Mary Lattimore: Silver Ladders. Listening to Mary Lattimore’s Silver Ladders feels like blinking awake on New Year’s Day: There’s some melancholy over Yaeji: What We Drew. Lyra Pramuk: Fountain. Freddie Gibbs / The Alchemist: Alfredo. Megan Thee Stallion: Good News.

Who are the artists of The Notwist decade?

From M.I.A. to Four Tet, Kanye West to Joanna Newsom—and the many sides of Radiohead, too—here are the albums who defined the decade

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