What type of instrument is Kanjira?

What type of instrument is Kanjira?

Frame drum

Percussion instrument
Other names ganjira
Classification Frame drum
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 211.311 (Directly struck membranophone)

What is Kanjira made of?

Kanjira is considered secondary to mridangam, which is the major percussion instrument used in concerts. It consists of a circular wooden frame made of the wood of the jackfruit tree. The monitor lizard skin is stretched over one side to form the playing head.

Where is Kanjira made?

South India
Kanjira is a frame drum originating in South India and is considered a member of the tambourine family.

When was the kanjira made?

Bhajan instruments: The Kanjira’s Beginnings In the 1880s Manpoondia Pillai is credited with altering the drum and it afterwards it began being used in South Indian classical music called Carnatic music.

Where did Kanjira originate?

Kanjira is a frame drum originating in South India and is considered a member of the tambourine family. It has also been called ganjira, khanjiri, and khanjari—but these names all refer the same instrument. It is a single frame drum with a pair of jingles, also called bells or zils, set into the frame on one side.

How do you pronounce Kanjira?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Kanjira. Kan-jira. kan-ji-ra.
  2. Meanings for Kanjira.
  3. Translations of Kanjira. Tamil : பாதை

Is a tambourine a drum?

tambourine, small frame drum (one whose shell is too narrow to resonate the sound) having one or two skins nailed or glued to a shallow circular or polygonal frame. The tambourine is normally played with the bare hands and often has attached to it jingles, pellet bells, or snares.

Who invented Kanjira?

Manpoondia Pillai
The kanjira’s emergence in South Indian Carnatic music, as well as the development of the modern form of the instrument, is credited to Manpoondia Pillai. In the 1880s, Manpoondia Pillai was a temple lantern-bearer who sought to study drumming.

What kind of instrument is a kanjira in India?

The kanjira, khanjira or ganjira, a South Indian frame drum, is an instrument of the tambourine family. As a folk and bhajan instrument, it has been used for many centuries. It was modified to a frame drum of a single pair of jingles by Manpoondia Pillai in the 1880’s and was added to classical concerts during the 1930s.

Which is the first film of v.selvaganesh?

In 2012, Selvaganesh made his film directorial debut with Bodhai, a short film in Tamil. He also composed the four-track soundtrack which was released in digital format by Saregama. V. Selvaganesh made his debut composing for films with the Tamil movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (2008).

Who is the leading kanjira player in India?

V. Selvaganesh is an Indian percussionist working in the Carnatic tradition and one of the leading kanjira (south Indian frame drum) players of his generation. He is also known as “Chella S. Ganesh.”

Who is the father of v.selvaganesh Vinayakram?

Selvaganesh gained world fame through tours with John McLaughlin’s group, Remember Shakti. He helps his father, Grammy-winner T.H. “Vikku” Vinayakram, to run the Sri JGTV school and train a new generation of Carnatic percussionists.

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