What tools does a steel fixer need?

What tools does a steel fixer need?

If you are a steel fixer, you may need the following tools in the course of your job:

  • Knips. Knips, otherwise called nippers, are used by steel fixers to cut wires that tie the rebars together.
  • Tie Wire Reels.
  • Hand Twister Rod Tie Tool.
  • Spiral Action Rod Tie Tool.
  • Conclusion.

What is steel fixing for slab?

Steel fixers create the skeleton of a structure, constructing the steel reinforcement for ground beams, columns, floors, walls and slabs to which concrete is added to create the solid structure. Steel fixers cut and bend steel to form the structures as well as working with pre-manufactured and pre-fabricated elements.

How can we fix reinforcement?

Individual reinforcing bars are joined together to form the reinforcement cage, generally using tying wire. The connections should be sufficiently rigid so that the bars do not move during the concreting process.

What is steel fixer work?

Steel fixers cut and shape steel bars, and weld, wire or clip structural steel materials into place. They also fabricate other reinforcing structures such as beams, footing pads or other special units.

What is the common power tools used for reinforcement work?

Types of Rebaring Equipment used for Reinforcement Cutting and Bending

  • Electric Rebar Cutters.
  • Heavy Duty Rebar Cutter.
  • Wire Rope Cutters.
  • Rebar Cutting Shear.

How steel fixing is done?

Steel fixing is shaping and fitting the steel bars or mesh structures in construction projects….Steel must remain in place:

  1. When the workers walking,
  2. At the same time, the concrete is laid.
  3. and during compaction.

What is rebar fixing?

To design post-installed rebar connections in reinforced concrete engineering. The multi-functional selection of fischer Rebar-fix permits a post-installed connection of concrete reinforcement with end connections or splices to be calculated.

What is the fixing for steel?

Steel fixing is shaping and fitting the steel bars or mesh structures in construction projects.

What qualifications does a steel fixer need?

You could apply directly to work as a steel fixer. To do this, you’ll usually need work-based qualifications in construction or engineering, or on-site experience. Employers may also want you to have some GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C).

Is steel fixing hard work?

Constantly on the move, hard labour, frequently bending over to tie steel bars together. All in all it pays it’s worth in hard work.

What tools do I need for concrete slab?


  • Concrete screed or straightedge.
  • A bull float – for smoothing the concrete.
  • Kumalong or concrete rake – for pulling and pushing the concrete in place.
  • Mag float – for smoothing the edges.
  • Concrete boots – I know, not really a tool but you need them.

What tools do you need to make a concrete slab?

If you’re looking to work with raw concrete, you need a set of 15 essential tools. These include mixers, gloves, wheelbarrows, work boots, safety glasses, shovels, digging bars, screeds, vibrators, tape measures, vapour retarders, saws, floats, groove cutters and pails and buckets.

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