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What tense is Pudiera?

What tense is Pudiera?


inglés yo
Imperfect I was able, could pudiera OR pudiese
Past Perfect – Pluperfect I had been able hubiera podido OR hubiese podido
Future I will be able pudiere
Future Perfect I will have been able hubiere podido

What is the meaning of Pudiera?

Pudiera = could / was be able to (English past simple half of 2nd conditional phrase, as Julian pointed out, you can recognize this one because it can be replaced by “were able to” – The past subjunctive in English)

What do we call une in English?

In English we have the indefinite article a, which changes to an in front of a word that starts with a vowel. In the plural we say either some, any or nothing at all. In French, you choose from un, une and des, depending on whether the noun is masculine or feminine, and singular or plural.

Is Pudiera a verb?

Ability to use ‘to be able’ The conditional and imperfect subjunctive of poder are formed in the same way as with other verbs: podría, podrías, podríamos, etc., and. pudiera (pudiese), pudieras, pudiéramos etc.

What is subjunctive mood example?

The subjunctive mood is the verb form used to explore a hypothetical situation (e.g., “If I were you”) or to express a wish, a demand, or a suggestion (e.g., “I demand he be present”).

What is the meaning of DES?

data encryption standard
IT. abbreviation for data encryption standard. DES.

Why is pizza feminine in French?

Why is pizza feminine in French? Remember that in French all words are either masculine or feminine (often completely arbitrarily). In this case “pizza” is feminine, so you need to use the feminine determiner, “une”. Un is for masculine and une is for feminine.

Is Dar regular or irregular?

Dar: An Irregular Verb.

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