What Sonic game is Rooftop Run from?

What Sonic game is Rooftop Run from?

Sonic Unleashed
Rooftop Run (オレンジルーフス, Orenjirūfusu?, lit. “Orange Roofs”) is the third or fourth Action Stage on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed, and the second or third Stage on the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed (depending on the order of previous stages).

How many levels are on rooftop run?

– Explore 15 carefully crafted levels filled with coins to collect and various buildings, birds, trees and other greenery to see.

Does Sonic Generation wisp?

In Sonic Generations, Modern Sonic and his counterpart Classic Sonic encountered some Wisps when their adventure through time and space took them to Planet Wisp/Tropical Resort during the time of the Wisp incident.

How do you jump on a rooftop run?

To snag it, use the green platforms to jump quickly up to the top and it’ll be on your left. Grab it before the drone lasers take you out.

What are the names of the Wisps in Sonic Colors?


Name Details Colors (Wii)
Cyan Laser Lets Sonic bounce rapidly off various surfaces Y
Blue Cube Turns blue coins into solid blue blocks and vice versa Y
Green Hover Lets Sonic slowly hover and dash across paths of rings Y
Pink Spikes Allows Sonic to roll along walls and ceilings Y

What Sonic game has Crisis City?

Sonic the Hedgehog
Boss fight Crisis City (クライシスシティ, Kuraishisu Shiti?) is the seventh Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in the Modern Era of the game.

When does Rooftop Run appear in Sonic Generations?

In Sonic Generations, Rooftop Run appears as the second stage of the Modern Era. In this game, it consists of two Acts. Team Sonic Racing

What to do in Rooftop Run Sonic Unleashed?

There are as well hanging plants growing on the buildings. On the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed, Rooftop Run also include some water canals and park areas. Noticeable structures in Rooftop Run include a large clock tower, which is presumably based on Big Ben, and aqueducts that tower over the town.

Where does Sonic the Hedgehog Rooftop Run take place?

Rooftop Run’s setting is based on various locations in Western Europe. The stage takes place inside and around Spagonia, a large urban area encircled by a green mountain region, with the urbanized areas stretching up the mountainsides and to the city limits which are marked by large walls.

What happens at the end of Rooftop Run Act 2?

In a video showcasing Rooftop Run Act 2, the Flying Battery flies around the city following Sonic, it drops the barrels that roll down the hills and it lets out the Aero-Chasers towards the end of the stage, releasing more when the others are destroyed.

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