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What SMU means?

What SMU means?

Southern Methodist University
Website. smu.edu. Location in Texas. Show map of Texas Show map of the United States Show all. Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private research university in University Park, Texas with a satellite campus in Taos County, New Mexico.

What does 3 🙂 mean in texting?

:3 is an emoticon which represents a “Coy Smile.” The emoticon :3 is used to indicate a coy smile. :3.

What does OFC mean in txt?

Of Course
OFC stands for: Of Course. ‘Of course’ is an expression you can probably recognize as used relatively often in everyday, face-to-face language. When used online and in text speak, however, it’s handy to use this acronym to save time and effort from having to type it all out.

What conference is SMU in?

NCAA American Athletic Conference Football
SMU Mustangs football/Conference

How religious is SMU?

Our students come from diverse economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Among students reporting a religious affiliation, 26 percent are Catholic and 18 percent are Methodist.

What does OFC 3 mean?

of course
(Internet slang) Abbreviation of of course. adverb.

What does Ofccc mean in text?

OFCCC. Online Fuel Consumption Cost Calculator. Miscellaneous » Unclassified.

What does the pxie-4163 SMU stand for?

The PXIe-4163 high-density source-measure unit ( SMU) provides more DC channel density than the vendor’s previous PXI SMUs for testing RF, MEMS, and mixed-signal and other analog semiconductor components.

Is there such a thing as a SMU stereotype?

While some novices to grammar and/or correct punctuation may sling in comments from the sidelines – i.e. the people who’ve never been to or live near SMU – in regards to SMU stereotypes, such as everyone is rich, drives a BMW, and comes from Highland Park, the reality of the school is far from this fabricated fiction.

What does Hmu stand for in Snapchat slang?

The intended meaning of HMU on Snapchat is “Hit Me Up.” This slang is generally used instead of “text me” or “let’s talk.” This abbreviation simply suggests that you want to start a good conversation on Snapchat with your friends. Also Read | How to change username in Snapchat? Learn all about it here! What Does BRB mean on Snapchat?

Which is the best definition of Southern Methodist University?

Top definition. smu. southern methodist university… a place where the women are perfect, the cars are gleamingly new, the boys are frat and the money flows like the david yurman during rush week. SMU- beautiful campus.

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