What size wheels fit Traxxas Slash?

What size wheels fit Traxxas Slash?

Overall Diameter: 4.25″ (108mm) Overall Width: 1.8″ (46mm) Rim Size: 2.2″/3.0″ Hex Size: 12mm.

What size tires are on a slash 4X4?

Hobbypark 4-Pack 120mm / 4.7 Inch Outer Diameter Tires & Wheels Foam Inserts 12mm Hex for Traxxas Slash 4×4 2WD 1/10 Short Course Truck. Learn more about free returns.

Are all Traxxas wheels the same?

Traxxas short-course wheels are offered in different offsets to suit the 2WD Slash’s front and rear suspensions. The Slash 4X4’s suspension is the same width front and rear, and uses identical wheels on all four corners. The 4X4’s wheels are the same offset as the 2WD Slash rears.

How fast is the Traxxas Slash 4X4?

Traxxas Customer Support

Height (overall): 7.60 Inches (193mm)
Tires (pre-glued): Traxxas 2.2″ SCT with Foam Inserts
Wheels: 2.2″ Split-Spoke, Black or Red Beadlock
Top Speed: 60+mph (*With optional gearing and 3S LiPo battery (items sold separately). 35+mph stock)
Skill Level: 1

What hex size is Traxxas Slash?

12mm Hex
Hot Racing Traxxas Slash 4×4 Aluminum 12mm Hex Wheel Extensions (Silver) (28mm)

What size is the hex on the Traxxas Slash 2WD?

Traxxas 17mm Wheel Hex Hubs (4) for Slash 2WD, Stampede 2WD, Rustler. This is the Traxxas 17mm Blue Aluminum Wheel Hex Hub set (4) for the Slash 2WD, Stampede 2WD, and Rustler vehicles.

What size are Traxxas tires?

Front Tires: Alias Ribbed 2.8″ (71mm) wide, 4.4″ (111mm) diameter Rear Tires: Alias 2.8″ (71mm) wide, 4.4″ (111mm) diameter step pin design, with foam inserts Wheels: 5-spoke Black Chrome All Star 2.75″ (70mm) diameter Brand new, removed from a never run Traxxas vehicle.

What size are traxxas wheel nuts?

Wheel nuts, splined, 17mm (blue-anodized) (4) | Traxxas.

What size are traxxas wheel hubs?

2.5 X 12Mm
Traxxas Hex Wheel Hub 2.5 X 12Mm Rustler / Stampede / Slash.

Can a Traxxas be used as a rear wheel on a slash?

Traxxas wheels marked only “Front” are only for use as front wheels on the Slash 2WD. Wheels marked “Rear” or “4WD F-R” can be used as rear wheels on Slash 2WD, or as front and rear wheels for Slash 4X4.

What kind of wheels does a slash 4×4 use?

Wheels complete the look; offering equal parts style and strength, Slash 4X4 features a new SCT Split Spoke design and color-molded “beadlock” detail. Fully compatible with factory Traxxas and aftermarket tires, the wheels also feature 12 mm hexes and the same offset as Slash 2WD rear wheels.

What kind of tires do you use on a Traxxas?

These are the SCT Split-Spoke, satin chrome, black beadlock style wheels and BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires with foam inserts assembled and glued (4WD f/r, 2WD rear) Slash 4×4. These are the replacement rear wheel adapters for several Traxxas R/C vehicles.

What’s the difference between front and rear Traxxas wheels?

Traxxas short-course wheels are labeled to show compatibility for use as front or rear wheels. You can also differentiate front-offset and rear-offset wheels by the opening for the mounting nut. The front wheels have greater offset, and a deeper opening.

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