What school is Puberty Blues set at?

What school is Puberty Blues set at?

Sutherland Shire
Puberty Blues is a 1981 Australian coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Bruce Beresford, based on the 1979 novel of the same name by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, which is a protofeminist teen novel about two 13-year-old girls from the middle-class Sutherland Shire in Sydney.

Is Puberty Blues Season 3 coming?

Puberty Blues star reveals a third season of the beloved Australian drama is coming back to the small screen… SEVEN YEARS after the last episode aired. It’s been seven long years since Puberty Blues aired its final episode. He then dropped the bombshell, ‘PUBERTY BLUES is back for season 3!!!!

What beach was Puberty Blues?

Puberty Blues: Set in late-’70s Sydney, this coming-of-age drama tells an exceptionally dark tale of puberty and sexism. The iconic south Sydney beach provides a classic summer setting for two girls and the tale of their intense friendship.

How old is Ashleigh?

28 years (November 11, 1992)
Ashleigh Cummings/Age

What happened Jad Capelja?

Capelja, born to Czechoslovakian parents, tried to continue her performing career by auditioning for other acting roles and for the National Institute of Dramatic Art, all without success. She later struggled with addiction and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Capelja committed suicide on 10 January 2010.

What is Gary injecting Puberty Blues?

Gary Hennessey is a character on Channel Ten’s Puberty Blues. He is the son of Yvonne and Ferris Hennessey. He is portrayed by Sean Keenan.

Who is Kathy Lette husband?

Geoffrey Robertsonm. 1990–2017
Kim Williamsm. 1983–1989
Kathy Lette/Husband

Where was the TV show Puberty Blues filmed?

Puberty Blues is an Australian book, film and TV show set in the ’70’s. Episodes of Season 2 are shot in and around Cronulla, south of Sydney. Old Caringbah High School lies in ruins.

Who was the director of Puberty Blues in 1979?

Producers Long and Kelly had already offered the film to director Gillian Armstrong, whose My Brilliant Career had made a bold feminist statement in 1979. Armstrong declined, and it was a fortuitous wait for a bus in North Sydney that brought Beresford to the project.

How old are the girls in Puberty Blues?

“For censorship purposes, the girls’ ages were escalated to sixteen…which slightly dipped the story in disinfectant.”

Who is Sue in the book Puberty Blues?

Meet Sue, a teenage Australian girl in the late 70s, whose life mainly consists of doing what everyone else does – watch the surfing boys and have sex with the same surfing boys. The girls have to follow lots of strange customs, e.g. do not eat or go to the bathroom when a boy is around.

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