What makes Kingston a royal borough?

What makes Kingston a royal borough?

Kingston first gained royal borough status back in 1927 when the town was still in Surrey (lets not get back into that debate). The status was maintained when Kingston became part of Greater London in the 1960s. King Athelstan was coronated in the town back in 925 and designated the area royal borough status.

Who is the Councillor for Kingston upon Thames?


Name Email Party
Cllr Nicola Sheppard Conservative
Cllr Christine Stuart Liberal Democrat
Cllr John Sweeney Liberal Democrat
Cllr Thay Thayalan Liberal Democrat

Who represents Kingston?

The 11 elected Councillors make up Kingston City Council, and it is this group which represents the interests of residents and ratepayers. Our current Council was elected in October 2020 and the current Mayor is Cr Steve Staikos who was elected at the Special (Statutory) Meeting of Council held on 18 November 2020.

What does Royal Borough status mean?

Borough status is granted by royal charter to local government districts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The status is purely honorary, and does not give any additional powers to the council or inhabitants of the district.

Is Kingston posh?

You wouldn’t expect to find homelessness and knife crime in the Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames. It is usually seen as a posh and affluent area, but amongst the swanky riverside terraces pockets of poverty also exist.

Is Kingston in the London borough?

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Kingston upon Thames/London boroughs

Who is the leader of Kingston?

The City of Kingston appointed Tim Tamlin as our Interim CEO until 31 October 2021. Tim brings significant experience to the role, having served as CEO of South Gippsland Shire Council for 10 years and prior to that as Director of Engineering Services at the City of Greater Dandenong.

Who is the leader of Kingston Council?

Ian Thomas CBE, Chief Executive. Ian Thomas is Chief Executive of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. The council is the first to have been granted ‘Royal’ status and serves an increasingly diverse population of around 180,000 people.

What are the wards in Kingston?

The 11 wards in Kingston are:

  • Bunjil Ward.
  • Karkarook Ward.
  • Caruana Ward.
  • Wattle Ward.
  • Chicquita Ward.
  • Como Ward.
  • Melaleuca Ward.
  • Yammerbook Ward.

Where is the Royal Borough of Kingston located?

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is a borough in southwest London. The main town is Kingston upon Thames and it includes Surbiton, Chessington, Malden Rushett, New Malden and Tolworth. It is the oldest of the four royal boroughs in England.

Why is Windsor known as a Royal Borough?

King George V allowed Windsor to be called a royal borough to “regularise a situation that already existed”. Historical rivalry. Kensington received its royal title after a wish left in the will of Queen Victoria who was born and brought up at Kensington Palace. Her son King Edward VII conferred the status in 1901.

When do the Electoral Changes for Kingston upon Thames take place?

On 04 February 2021, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (Electoral Changes) Order 2021 was laid in draft in Parliament.

When do new ward arrangements come into force for Kingston upon Thames?

New ward arrangements for Kingston upon Thames have now successfully completed a 40 day period of Parliamentary scrutiny and will come into force at the local elections in May 2022. The order for Kingston upon Thames can be viewed through the following link.

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