What makes a good wood store?

What makes a good wood store?

A good log store will be raised off of the ground to prevent moisture seeping into your logs and preventing them from seasoning, have plenty of airflow (again for the same reason) which usually means gaps or slats in the side that allow direct airflow all the way around, and a weather-resistant roof that overhangs the …

How do you store logs?

How to store logs outside

  1. Stack Logs Neatly.
  2. Consider Location Carefully.
  3. Avoid Tree Cover.
  4. Don’t Leave Logs In A Heap.
  5. Use Pallets where possible.
  6. Provide Good Circulation.
  7. Tarpaulin Cover.
  8. Wooden log store.

What direction should logs face?

Ideally, you want your log store to be south facing where there is a wind or a draft. However, you may find this location is not close to your house and in the middle of winter you will have to brave the cold to bring in more logs.

What depth should a log store be?

35cm to 80cm
Selecting the dimensions – The depth can be from 35cm to 80cm; – The height can be from 90cm to 200cm; – It may have one or more bays.

Does a log store need a roof?

Log Stores Keep Off the Rain Sloping roofs are best as they aid efficient rainwater run-off.

What is the best wood for a log cabin?

Pine and cedar are among the most commonly sourced wood types for the construction of log cabins in North America. There are two reasons for this: accessibility and price. First, pine and cedar are much easier to get ahold of than other more exotic wood types.

Where is the best place to put a log store?

Your log store should strategically located in direct sunlight (ideally south facing), allow good airflow, and where it can be easily accessed. In most cases, log stores are open at the front, have a slanted roof, and supplied with a raised floor.

Should a log store have a back?

Dry firewood burns quicker, is easier to light and provides better heat than wood with more moisture. Firewood needs to be stored in a dry area up off of the ground that allows good air circulation around the logs. Keep the back of your wood store slightly away from a wall to allow good air circulation around the logs.

Does a log store have to be in the sun?

Ideally your log store should be situated in a position where the open front receives maximum sunlight during the day to help evaporate any surface rain quickly, therefore facing south. Careful consideration should also be given to the location.

Where do you put a wood store?

Stored firewood should be kept as far away from the home as possible as it can attract pests. Also, the location should ideally be in sunlight and be easily accessible. Finally, your storage place should be off the ground and be able to have a good flow of air circulating around the wood.

How deep should a wood store be?

A good general suggestion is 1.85 m high, 60 cm deep and 2 m wide. When buying the posts (or cutting them to size), remember they also have to be sunk into the ground by at least 30 cm.

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