What kind of wine is purple cowboy?

What kind of wine is purple cowboy?

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Winery Purple Cowboy
Grapes Shiraz/Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
Region États-Unis / California / Central Coast / San Luis Obispo County / Paso Robles
Wine style Californian Red Blend
Alcohol content 13.5%

Is Purple Cowboy wine sweet?

The wine is dry and lively with crisp yet delicately sweet finish. This wine opens with plush notes of blackberry, sweet spice, and cedar. The body and texture are impeccably balanced with subtle flavors of licorice, blueberry, and soft minerality on the finish.

Who owns Purple Cowboy wine?

Terry Wheatley
Meet Terry Wheatley Terry Wheatley, creator of Purple Cowboy wines, comes from a background rooted in the western life and a close-knit ranching family. Her husband and son were both champion rodeo cowboys.

What is cowboy wine?

Purple Cowboy wines are inspired by the western community and culture. The award-winning wines are sourced from Paso Robles, CA which is known as “Cowboy Wine Country”. Purple Cowboy is honored to support Tough Enough To Wear Pink, the western community’s grassroots effort to fight breast cancer.

What is tough enough for pink?

Tough Enough to Wear Pink provides a nationally-recognized campaign and framework for rodeos and western events to help them promote breast cancer awareness and fundraising to benefit their local communities.

Is Malbec stronger than cabernet?

Malbec is not as heavy as its counterpart, Cabernet Sauvignon or even as sweet as Chianti. Nevertheless, the deep-red wine is robust enough to be compatible with the heartiest of dishes. Malbec also pairs well with a few hearty fish entrees such as tuna steaks, salmon, and swordfish.

Which red wines are smoothest?

Inherently luscious and velvety, fruity, soft, and drinkable, merlot yields a softer, smoother texture compared to wines like cabernet sauvignon.

Who started tough enough to wear pink?

California Rodeo Salinas
The California Rodeo Salinas started supporting the Wrangler Tough Enough to Wear Pink program in 2005.

Is merlot sweeter than Malbec?

Malbec is considered dry to moderately dry, while Merlot can be very dry. That means that Malbec has a slightly sweeter taste to it, but both are considered to be dry wines. Merlot tends to have a medium-full body, while Malbec tends to be full-bodied.

Is Shiraz heavier than Cab Sav?

Shiraz grapes/ berries, are much larger in size than Cabernet Sauvignon. This makes a difference in the winery in how the fruit is handled given that the Shiraz will be juicy with less tannins.

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