What is VTC vape?

What is VTC vape?

VCT – A rich and smooth taste of fine tobacco, aimed to please the novice or the distinguished smoker. Winner of “Best Tobacco Flavor” at Vape Summit 2 (2014).

How do I update my eVic VTC mini?

  1. Download the new VT Software 1.20 and upgrade your eVic-VTC Mini to firmware V3. 02 or higher version first.
  2. Upload the logo you prepared.
  3. Press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to enter into the on/off menu of custom logo function. Then you’re ready to enjoy it.

What is the joyetech eVic VT?

eVic-VT can record your vapor Time and Puff automatically. In Time or Puff mode (flashing), long press the fire button to eliminate records of each. Simply charge eVic-VT by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. It takes 6 hours to be fully charged.

How good are Vapes ripe?

It’s a heavy, rich, creamy custard on the inhale and a mature tobacco on the exhale, with a touch of rich almond for good measure. It blends together excellently, without being too heavy a vape, and has become my newest all day vape. This is a contender for one of my favorite juices of all time!

What is VCT flavor?

“VCT” features an authentic tobacco infused with sweet vanilla custard a hint of toasted almonds. Each hit delivers a rich and indulgent experiences with creamy vanilla flavor notes haromized with subtle tobacco and toasted almond undertones that is sure to provide absolute satisfaction.

How do I unlock my eVic VT?

The key lock function: when the device is on, simultaneously press the ignition key and turn the control knob to the right to open the function of key Lock or Key Unlock.

What flavor is ripe Vapes VCT?

What is VCT e liquid?

VCT E-Juice by Ripe Vapes E-Liquid 120ml stands for vanilla, custard, tobacco – is a creamy vanilla custard vape flavor filled with a velvety caramel tobacco. Something magical happens when you combine the flavor of rich, smooth tobacco with creamy, velvety vanilla custard.

What are the features of the Joyetech EVIC VTC mini?

In addition to the high power of 60w and variable temperature control system, the multiple choices of attractive colors make it even more popular. eVic-VTC Mini is one of the most innovative device ever made by Joyetech with its new integrated magnetic battery cover based on interchangeable 18650 and upgradable firmware.

How do you charge An EVIC VTC mini?

The magnetic battery cover makes changing your battery quicker and more convenient by pulling the cover down. eVic-VTC Mini applies the side charging. Simply charge it by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable.

What kind of battery does Joyetech 60W vape use?

Keeping in line with the less-is-more theme, this MOD is powered by a single (replaceable) 18650 battery, and fires up to 60W. Comes pre-installed with Ni-200 coil head, with the option to use the included Ti coil head.

How long does it take to charge a Joyetech?

Simply charge it by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the device with a 1A wall adapter. Check your security code to see if you have purchased the original Joyetech electronic cigarettes.

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