What is the work function for potassium?

What is the work function for potassium?

Work Functions for Photoelectric Effect

Element Work Function(eV)
Potassium 2.3, 2.29**
Platinum 6.35
Selenium 5.11
Silver 4.26-4.73*

Does potassium have low work function?

Furthermore, potassium adsorption and intercalation of carbon-based nanoscale emitters decreases work functions from approximately 4.6 eV to as low as 2.0 eV.

What metal has a work function of 3.7 eV?

5 A frequency of 2.4 x 1015 Hz is used on magnesium with work function of 3.7 eV. (a) What is energy transferred by each photon? (b) Calculate the maximum KE of the ejected electrons….Answers and worked solutions.

Metal Lithium
Work Function / eV 2.90
Work Function / J 4.64 x 10-19
Frequency used / Hz 1. x 1015

What are the units for work function?

Answer: The unit of work function is just J. Just remember from physics that work is a measure of energy, and energy is measured in Joules.

Which element has the highest work function?

The highest known metal work function is approximately 6.35 eV for platinum (Pt) and lowest work function is 2.14eV for cesium. Work function can be said as the minimum energy needed to move an electron from the Fermi level into vacuum.

On what factors work function depends?

Note: Work function depends upon the structure and chemical composition of a surface. On the other hand side, platinum is the highest knowing metal work function and the lowest work function metal is cesium.

What is the work function of tungsten?

Tungsten, the common choice for vacuum tube filaments, can survive to high temperatures but its emission is somewhat limited due to its relatively high work function (approximately 4.5 eV).

What is the unit of work function?

What is the SI unit of work function?

Brainly User. Answer: Work function is expressed in eV, and 1eV=1. 6×10−19 J. By definition, Electronvolt (eV) is the amount of energy gained (or lost) by the charge of a single electron moved across an electric potential difference of one volt.

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