What is the story of Masky and hoodie?

What is the story of Masky and hoodie?

Hoodie and Masky originated in the YouTube series Marble Hornets and not only aren’t Proxies but have never even come into contact with Slender Man. The Operator does not use Proxies, and neither Masky nor Hoodie are ever seen trying to help it.

Who is hoodie in Marble Hornets?

Hoody is the secondary anti-heroic antagonist in the horror webseries Marble Hornets. He is the alter-ego of Brian Thomas, the former partner of Masky and quite possibly the YouTube user totheark.

When was Masky Creepypasta born?

December 20th, 1995
Timothy Wright was born on December 20th, 1995. He was presumably diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Does hoodie wear a mask?

Brian is shown to be wearing the same hoodie during the auditions as Hoodie always wore, leading Tim to believe they were one and the same….

Appearances MH
Origins Marble Hornets
Status Deceased

Is the masky and the Hoodie a creepypasta?

DISCLAIMER: While Masky & Hoodie are not creepypastas, it is still fine to portray them as such. Masky & Hoodie belong to Marble Hornets. From the start, it’s been a game for us.

Who is the masked man in creepypasta files?

Tim Wright plays a character called Tim in Alex Kralie’s short film. The nickname Masky was originally fan-made since the character was originally just addressed as “The Masked Man”. The names “Hoodie” and ‘Masky” were eventually accepted by THAC as canon.

Is there a masky X hoodie fanfic?

A cute Masky x Hoodie Fanfic! (Characters and art is not mine! Both belong to the rightful owners, picture I got off Google but was posted by someone on Deviantart origi… This story is about Masky and his son Brim Why Hoodie is not there you ask. He is in the underworld for a war but he also gives them video calls Masky knew he wouldn’t l…

Is there such a thing as a creepypasta pairing?

A CreepyPasta FanFiction Masky X Hoody This is my favorite CreepyPasta pairing, I ship it like Fed-Ex! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Based o… Masky and Hoodie are always side by side. If you see Masky, Hoodies beside him.

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