What is the state fruit of Connecticut?

What is the state fruit of Connecticut?

While Connecticut doesn’t have any official fruits or vegetables, the state does recognize the importance of seafood to its history and culture. The official state shellfish is the eastern oyster and the official state fish is shad, perfect for big community shad bakes.

What is in an orchard?

An orchard is a type of farm where fruits and nuts are grown on trees and shrubs. Examples of orchard fruits are apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and cherries. Examples of orchard nuts are pecans, walnuts, and almonds.

Should apples be refrigerated?

Apples should be stored unrefrigerated for about 7 days after purchase. Apples refrigerated too soon lose flavor and sweetness. Store apples away from other fruits and vegetables which may have gases that will cause decay.

Where are the best apple orchards in CT?

Belltown Hills Orchard (South Glastonbury) If you are looking for apple variety, then Belltown Hills Orchard is the place to go. They offer up 24 varieties of the sweet fruit. The market boasts many delicious treats and is famous for its fritters.

Is the Apple Picking Season Open in Connecticut?

Apple picking season is in full swing in Connecticut. Orchards and farms across the state have opened their doors despite the pandemic. Connecticut’s apple orchards are open for business — with some new protocols in place. Here’s a guide to visiting the state’s orchards this fall.

Where to pick apples in Pomfret, CT?

At least 20 different kinds of apples are available for picking at the Lapsley Orchard. Popular on Sundays are the horse drawn wagon rides available from noon to 4:00 p.m. Address: 403 Orchard Hill Road (Route 169), Pomfret Center, CT, 06259.

Where are the best wineries in Connecticut?

Lyman Orchards is a little over an hour drive from downtown Greenwich. But two of the best wineries in Connecticut, Gouveia Vineyards and Paradise Hills Vineyard, are close-by for an after-picking aperitif. Located about an hour’s drive from Greenwich in bucolic Northford, Bishop’s Orchards is a major draw during the fall harvest season.

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