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What is the rule of Cholas?

What is the rule of Cholas?

The reign of the Cholas began in the 9th century when they defeated the Pallavas to come into power. This rule stretched over for over five long centuries until the 13th century. However, around the 2nd century, the state Andhra has a Chola kingdom that flourished far and wide.

Who was the powerful ruler of Pandya dynasty?

Pandya kings (6th–10th century CE)

Pandya ruler Reign
Maravarman Srimara Srivallabha c. 815–862 CE
Varaguna-varman II c. 862–880 CE
Parantaka Viranarayana c. 880–900/905 CE
Maravarman Rajasimha III c. 900–920 CE

What happened between Cholas and Pandyas?

While they existed in conflict with other neighboring tribes like the Pandyas and the Pallavas, eventually, King Rajaraja (reigned 985–1014 C.E.) took the empire to its height. Eventually, the Chola Dynasty was defeated by the neighboring Pandya Dynasty and the rule of the Cholas ended in 1279.

Which ruler established the rule of the Cholas?

Cholaruler Vijayalya(AD 846-871) established Chola rule in Tamil land with Tanjore as his capital during the middle of ninth century.

How was Chola Empire Divided?

The whole empire was divided into mandalams or provinces. Sometimes princes of the royal family were appointed governors of the provinces. Further they were divided into valanadus (divisions), nadus (districts) and kurrams (villages). Village was the basic unit of administration.

Which kingdom destroyed the Chola rule?

The Chola dynasty went into decline at the beginning of the 13th century with the rise of the Pandyan dynasty, which ultimately caused their downfall.

Who started the Pandya rule?

Post Sangam period, the first Pandyan empire was established by a King named Kadungon, who defeated Kalabras in 6th century AD. The successors of Kadungon indulged in fighting with the nearby Chera and Chola Kings.

Who ruled Tamil Nadu first?

During the 1st to the 4th century, the early Cholas ruled the lands of Tamil Nadu. The first and the most important king of this dynasty was Karikalan.

Who was the head of Chola Cheras and Pandyas?

The most famous king of early Cholas is Karikala Chola. He ruled around 270 BC. He had won the famous battle of Venni in which he decisively defeated Pandyas and Cheras. He is also believed to have won the whole of Ceylon.

Who was the last ruler of Chola dynasty?

Rajendra Chola III

Chola dynasty
Government Monarchy
King and Emperor
• 848–871 Vijayalaya Chola (first)
• 1246–1279 Rajendra Chola III (last)

Where did the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas live?

The Southern half of the Indian Subcontinent marked by the long coastline, mountains, plateau, and river valleys. The region which Chera, Chola, and Pandya were ruling was the region of South of the Krishna river and the region of Kaveri Delta. So, the region was/is very fertile.

Which is the correct spelling Pandya or chola?

For the alternate spelling, see Pandiyan. The Pandya dynasty, also known as the Pandyas of Madurai, was a dynasty of south India, one of the three famous Tamil lineages, the other two being the Chola and the Chera.

What kind of religion did the Pandyas have?

The Pandya rulers were of the Brahmanical faith but they were tolerant of other religions. The Pandya Rulers performed Vedic Sacrifices in the early centuries. The Chola Kingdom situated just north to the Pandya Kingdom. The eastern coast of India, where the Chola Rulers ruled called Cholomandalam or Coromandel coast.

Who are the three rulers of the Pandya dynasty?

The Pandya Dynasty, also known as the Pandyas of Madurai, was a dynasty of south India, one of the three ethnically Tamil lineages, the other two being the Chola and the Chera. The rulers of the three dynasties were referred to as “the three crowned rulers (the muventar) of the Tamil country”.

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