What is the Raw Shark Texts about?

What is the Raw Shark Texts about?

The novel is a work of Meta-fiction which uses Concrete poetry, linguistic jokes and cultural references. It is the story of an amnesiac re-discovering his past life through a surreal collection of clues he has left himself while evading a steampunk villain and the shark of the title.

What is a Ludovician?

The Ludovician is a thought fish, a gigantic conceptual shark which “feeds on human memories and the intrinsic sense of self”. Except it’s also, in a way, a real shark which can really eat you.

What genre is The Raw Shark Texts?

Science fictionSuspensePsychological Fiction
The Raw Shark Texts/Genres

What should I read after House of Leaves?

Book recommendations for people who like House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski….Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Directors Cut

  • Fiction.
  • Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (Fictitious Character)
  • Horror Comic Books, Strips, Etc.

What is a hybrid text?

A hybrid text is a single text that creatively weaves together narrative and informational text using a variety of design elements such as marginalia, text boxes, and miniature embedded illustrations.

What is House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski about?

The plot is centered on a (possibly fictional) documentary about a family whose house is impossibly larger on the inside than the outside. The format and structure of House of Leaves is unconventional, with unusual page layout and style, making it a prime example of ergodic literature.

Why do people read hybrid texts?

By integrating narrative and informational text, hybrid text enables readers to take both stances in a single reading. At the same time, one of the most interesting aspects of hybrid text is the author’s and illustrator’s use of design features.

What is a nonfiction narrative text?

Put together, ‘narrative non-fiction’ is a true story written in the style of a fiction novel. Literary nonfiction and creative nonfiction are also terms used instead of or in association with narrative nonfiction. They all refer to the same thing – using literary techniques and styles to tell a true story.

What is the meaning of artlessness?

1 : lacking art, knowledge, or skill : uncultured an artless brute. 2a : made without skill : crude an artless attempt to win votes. b : free from artificiality : natural artless grace. 3 : free from guile or craft : sincerely simple an artless young woman.

What does ballooned out mean?

1 : to swell or puff out : expand ballooned to 200 pounds. 2 : to ascend or travel in or as if in a balloon. 3 : to increase rapidly ballooning prices.

Who is the author of the Raw Shark Texts?

The Raw Shark Texts is the debut novel by author Steven Hall, released in 2007. The book was released by Canongate Books in the US and the UK and published by HarperCollins in Canada. The title is a play on ” Rorschach Tests “, which are inkblot tests.

What does Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall mean?

“Raw Shark Texts” is a play on the term Rorschach Tests, in which people look at inkblots and create their own interpretation of the pictures. Steven Hall said he wrote this book in such a way that the reader can make their own interpretation.

How many chapters are there in Raw Shark?

The Raw Shark Texts consists of 36 core chapters bound into the novel itself, and an additional 36 “lost” sections, known as “negatives” or “un-chapters” which exist outside of the main printed text.

Who is Fidorous in the Raw Shark book?

One of two characters to know Sanderson both before and after his amnesia, Fidorous is described as an archetypal eccentric academic who is the definitive expert on the pseudo-scientific world that conceptual sharks and Mycroft Ward inhabit.

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