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What is the purpose of Romel reins?

What is the purpose of Romel reins?

Romal reins allow for minimal movement of the rider’s hand and create more precise, light cues to the horse through the bit. Christian explains, “There’s a lot of tradition behind using romal reins. When you use them, it shows the quality of your horse and the quality of the rider.”

What bit to use with Romel reins?

spade bit
Romal Reins are used on horses that have transitioned to a shanked bit or spade bit after being well trained in a hackamore and/or snaffle.

What does plait mean in Romel reins?

The rein is made up of leather strands or plaits that are braided together. The number of plaits used make for different diameters. A typical rider uses a 30-plait romal that is 108 inches in total length.

How long are Romel reins?

Romel reins generally come in six foot lengths. They come in a variety of natural bridle colors.

How long are romal reins?

48 inches long
The romal and reins are each 48 inches long and connectors are 12 inches for a total of 108 inches. If you want to use rein chains and need a shorter rein let me know and I’ll make them just the way you want them. These romal reins are supple with a great feel and are being used by professional horsemen.

How long should romal reins be?

Oklahoma Style Romal Reins. 42″ long and available in 8, 12, or 16 plait. A traditional Oklahoma style rein might have a pattern of five round buttons, a long barrel knot, five pineapple knots, and another barrel knot on each side, which provides substantial weight to the reins.

How do you pronounce romal reins?

A Romal (pronounced ro-MAHL), is a type of long quirt attached to the end of a set of closed reins that are connected to the bridle of a horse.

What is a romal rein?

Romal reins are an extension of braided material attached to closed reins and can be found in many western events from reining, working cow horse and ranch riding to western pleasure and trail. Trainer Jay McLaughlin regularly uses romal reins with his reining and reined cow horses.

What is the meaning of romal?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a thong usually braided and divided into two lashes and attached to the saddle or reins for use as a quirt.

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