What is the purpose of a housekeeping pad?

What is the purpose of a housekeeping pad?

Housekeeping pads provide a solid anchor, protect the pump and motor from shallow floods and floor cleaners, and help keep feet away from moving machinery. Housekeeping pads usually extend past the pump 6-in. on all sides, which provides room for service.

What is a housekeeping pad in construction?

A housekeeping pad, also referred to as a concrete pad, is a slab of concrete used to elevate a pump and facilitate anchoring bolts.

How thick is a housekeeping pad?

If the pad is just for housekeeping, 4″ is adequate.

Are housekeeping pads required by code?

It’s called a house keeping pad. Spec requirement. No code requirement.

How do you design a pad foundation?

Summary of Pad Foundation design

  1. Determine load take – down (Vertical, horizontal and moments)
  2. Size the plan dimensions using SLS loads against known soil bearing capacity (Note – soil can not take tension)
  3. Determine ULS bearing pressure.
  4. Calculate maximum shear resistance of foundation at the column face.

What are the three conditions related to live parts and working space?

Condition 2—Exposed live parts on one side of the working space and grounded parts, including concrete, brick, or tile walls are on the other side of the working space. Condition 3—Exposed live parts on both sides of the working space.

How much does it cost to pour a concrete pad?

At about $50/m2, the average cost of concrete slabs in Western Australia is the most affordable across the country. This is followed by the average price in Queensland and Victoria which is $60/m2. Concreters in New South Wales charge the highest for concrete slabs. Their rate is around $85/m2 on average.

How deep do pad foundations need to be?

For low-rise buildings, it is generally recommended to limit the overall depth of a pad foundation to 1 m from ground level. When designing the pad, care should be taken to ensure that it is large enough to prevent tension within the concrete, which could result in cracking and failure.

How deep is a pad foundation?

The plan area of the foundation is dependent on the load and bearing capacity of the soil. The depth of a pad foundations are typically between 600mm – 2000mm but once the pad becomes too deep, it may not be economical anymore, and it may be better to use pile foundations.

What is the clearance between equipment with live parts exposed on both sides of the working space with a working voltage of 480 volts?

When the new switchboard is installed, the distance between the switchboard and panelboard located across the aisle will only be 3 feet, 8 inches. In a new installation, the minimum clear distance in front of the 480V switchboard is 4 feet.

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