What is the message of Our Town?

What is the message of Our Town?

Our Town is a play that shares the idea that we live life without really appreciating what it has to offer. Once we die, and are able to see what we had, it is really too late. Major themes of the play include mortality, appreciating life, companionship and marriage, love, and the circle of life.

What does the Time Capsule symbolize in Our Town?

The time capsule embodies the human desire to keep a record of the past. Accordingly, it also symbolizes the idea that certain parts of the past deserve to be remembered over and above others.

What does the stage manager symbolize in Our Town?

The Stage Manager essentially plays the role of the audience’s guide. He breaks through the fourth wall—the imaginary barrier between the audience and the action on the stage—to facilitate a dialogue between the audience and the content of the play.

What is the significance of the Moon in Our Town?

The moon in Our Town symbolizes beauty and the eternal. This is a bit of a stretch though, because the moon itself may just be the moon.

What are the 3 themes for each of the acts of Our Town?

Time, Change, and Continuity. The play’s three acts focus on three different moments in time: one day during Emily and George’s childhood, their wedding, and Emily’s funeral.

Is Our Town religious?

Thornton Wilder is often considered to be a religious writer and Our Town is often considered to be a religious play. Yet, there is little mention of heaven or God or any of those subjects often thought of as being religious.

What do Dr Gibbs and Joe Crowell discuss?

Dr. Gibbs, on his way home from delivering a local woman’s twin babies, stops to chat briefly with the paperboy, Joe Crowell, Jr. They discuss the upcoming marriage of a local schoolteacher.

What legacy does Mrs Gibbs leave George and Emily?

Instead, she will leave the $350 to George and Emily, who will use it to buy a cement drinking fountain for their livestock. It’s poignant that Mrs. Gibbs calls the money a “legacy.” A legacy is money a person inherits, not money received from a sale (even if the object sold was itself inherited).

Who is the hero of Our Town?

It is before God that Christian wedding vows are exchanged. Therefore, after putting these vague clues together, the only conclusion is that “the real hero” is really God who is the author of marriage–as in the Christian creation story–and the One who will sanctify the upcoming marriage.

Why does Mrs Gibbs want to go to Paris?

Gibbs says that if she does decide to sell the highboy, she hopes to live out the “dream of [her] life” and travel to Paris for a visit. Gibbs has already told her that “traipsin’ about Europe” might make him disheartened with Grover’s Corners, and thus thinks a trip to Paris might be a bad idea. Mrs.

Why is our town mentioned in Our Town?

The self-referential notion of placing the play into the time capsule also carries symbolic weight. The fact that Our Town is actually mentioned within Our Town clearly shows Wilder’s intent to break down the wall that divides the world of the play from the world of the audience.

Who are the main characters in Our Town?

He implies that even the current production of the play—its sets, lights, actors, and audience—is in itself an important detail of life. Each of the three morning scenes in Our Town features the milkman, Howie Newsome, and a paperboy—either Joe or Si Crowell.

When does George and Emily first appear in Our Town?

The first appearance takes place when George and Emily do their homework and can hear the choir practicing in the distance, as described in “You can hear choir practice going on in the Congregational Church. The children are at home doing their schoolwork” (Wilder 34).

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