What is the meaning of smelling?

What is the meaning of smelling?

verb (used with object), smelled or smelt, smellĀ·ing. to perceive the odor or scent of through the nose by means of the olfactory nerves; inhale the odor of: I smell something burning. to test by the sense of smell: She smelled the meat to see if it was fresh. to give out an offensive odor; stink.

What is the British word for odor?

US UK EnglishThe spelling odor is used in American English and the spelling odour is usually used in British English.

Is smelly informal?

Informal. Having an unpleasant odor: fetid, foul, foul-smelling, malodorous, mephitic, noisome, reeky, stinking.

Do you smell something meaning?

If you smell something, you become aware of it when you breathe in through your nose. If you smell something, you put your nose near it and breathe in, so that you can discover its smell. If you smell something, you feel that it is likely to happen or be true.

How do you use the word smell?

Smell sentence example

  1. I love the smell of the ocean.
  2. She rose and approached, resting back on her heels in front of him, close enough for him to smell her musk and feel her heat.
  3. I could smell coffee.
  4. The smell of coffee brought Yancey back into the room a little later.

Is stink a rude word?

verb (used without object), stank [stangk] or, often, stunk [stuhngk]; stunk; stinkĀ·ing. to emit a strong offensive smell. to be offensive to honesty or propriety; to be in extremely bad repute or disfavor.

What does the word smelling mean?

Smell(verb) the sense or faculty by which certain qualities of bodies are perceived through the instrumentally of the olfactory nerves. See Sense. Smell(verb) the quality of any thing or substance, or emanation therefrom, which affects the olfactory organs; odor; scent; fragrance; perfume; as, the smell of mint.

What does the name smell mean?

Smell ( n. ) To affect the olfactory nerves; to have an odor or scent; — often followed by of; as, to smell of smoke, or of musk. To have a particular tincture or smack of any quality; to savor; as, a report smells of calumny.”Praises in an enemy are superfluous, or smell of craft.”

What does pleasant scent or smell means?

A pleasant smell; the scent, odor, or odoriferous particles emitted from a sweet-smelling substance; a pleasant odor; fragrance; aroma. A substance created to provide a pleasant smell or one which emits an agreeable odor.

What does smelly mean?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Smelly may refer to something with a disagreeable odor (i.e., something that smells bad).

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