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What is the meaning of ISO 9001:2008 certified?

What is the meaning of ISO 9001:2008 certified?

ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization. needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and.

What are the versions of ISO 9001?

Previous versions of ISO 9001 Originally published in 1987, ISO 9001 underwent revisions in 1994, 2000, and again in 2008. The latest revision was published in September 2015. ISO 9001:1994 included changes to improve the control of design and development clause, as well as provide other clarifications.

What is the purpose of the ISO 9001 2000 Series?

ISO 9001:2000 is a non-industry specific certification that indicates that gives guidelines and requirements on how to implement and maintain a quality management system.

When did ISO 9001:2008 become obsolete?

15th September 2018
The standard replaces the old ISO 9001:2008 which becomes obsolete on 15th September 2018. To achieve the new standard there are some key changes that companies need to do, The following areas are significant changes and the companies need to address them.

What is the latest ISO version?

ISO 9001:2015
The current version is ISO 9001:2015, which was published in September of 2015 (thus the: 2015).

What are the requirements of ISO 9001:2000?

The requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard are organized into the following five sections:

  • 4 Quality Management System.
  • 5 Management Responsibility.
  • 6 Resource Management.
  • 7 Product Realization.
  • 8 Measurement, analysis and improvement.

Which is the main clause in ISO 9001:2000?

ISO 9001:2000 stated that a requirement exclusion cannot affect the organization’s ability, or responsibility, to provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements. ISO 9001:2008 replaces “regulatory” with “statutory and regulatory”.

How long does a ISO 9001 certification last?

3 years
Most certificates are valid for 3 years, although some must be renewed annually. Note that, regardless of how long your ISO 9001 certificate is valid for, your organisation will be subject to ongoing surveillance audits.

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