What is the mailing address for FAFSA?

What is the mailing address for FAFSA?

Federal Student Aid Programs, P.O. Box 7650, London, KY 40742-7650.

Where is the US Department of Education located?

Washington, D.C.
Where Is the Department of Education? The headquarters and most operations are in Washington, D.C., where the staff of approximately 3,100 occupies parts of several different buildings. The main building, where the secretary’s office is located, is the Lyndon Baines Johnson Building at 400 Maryland Ave. SW.

Where do I submit FAFSA verification?

To complete FAFSA verification, families may be asked by a college financial aid office to send federal tax return transcripts. Families may also submit a signed copy of the necessary income tax return. Colleges may request proof of income, siblings’ college registration forms or other supporting documentation.

Do you need an address for FAFSA?

No, you are not required to provide a permanent address. You are required to provide either a verified email address or mobile phone number when you create an FSA ID. The FSA ID is used to electronically sign documents such as loan promissory notes (which establish the binding legal obligation for the loan debt).

How do I contact the US Department of Education?

Agency Details

  1. Acronym: ED.
  2. Website: Department of Education (ED)
  3. Contact: Contact the Department of Education.
  4. Main Address: 400 Maryland Ave., SW.
  5. Toll Free: 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327)
  6. TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay Service)
  7. Forms: Department of Education Forms.
  8. Government branch: Executive Department.

How do I submit a new FAFSA form?

How to Make Changes to Your FAFSA® Form

  1. Select the “LOG IN” button and enter your FSA ID.
  2. On the “My FAFSA” page, select “Make FAFSA Corrections.”
  3. Create a save key.
  4. Change your information.
  5. Submit your new information.

Can you still submit the FAFSA?

You can still submit the FAFSA form. Just list any school you’re considering, even if you’re not sure whether you’ll apply or be accepted. You can always add or remove schools to your FAFSA form later. The second deadline is set by your home state.

Can a FSA ID be associated with one e-mail address?

Each FSA ID can be associated with only one e-mail address. So, for instance, if you’re a dependent student, and you and your mom share an e-mail address, one of you should get a new e-mail address before creating an FSA ID. Make your FSA ID early!

How to contact the US Department of Education?

Members of the public, including educators and researchers, typically call this number for information about education statistics and education research information. The number is 202-205-5015. Federal Relay Service.

Where can I get a FSA ID for FAFSA?

The FSA ID recently replaced the PIN as the way you log in to certain U.S. Department of Education (ED) websites, including It consists of a username and password and is basically the electronic equivalent of your signature. It’s easy to set up, and you can get one on a variety of ED websites.

Who is the head of Federal Student Aid?

Through Federal Student Aid (a performance-based organization), the U.S. Department of Education awards more than $120 billion a year in grants, work-study funds, and low-interest loans to approximately 13 million students. Chief Operating Officer: Jim Manning. Federal Student Aid’s Performance.

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