What is the importance of forest in Pakistan?

What is the importance of forest in Pakistan?

Forests are a major source of oxygen for the environment and ensure the survival of living things existing in a region. Pakistan is also known for its forests, and about 4% of the country is covered with forests. The forestry sector of Pakistan is the main source for lumber, paper, fuelwood, latex and medicines.

What are the different types and advantages of forest in Pakistan?

There are two types of forests in Pakistan. Productive Forests • Protection Forests • Productive Forests: These are mainly natural forests and have high tree densities. Such forests have great commercial value and are mainly used for extraction of timber and other products.

What are the important reasons that forest in Pakistan are very less than the requirements?

Pakistan is a forest poor country where less than 6 per cent of total area is under forests. Since most of area falls in arid and semi-arid region, low precipitation naturally deters the growth of forests.

What are the important reasons that forests in Pakistan are very less then the requirement?

Pakistan is a forest deficient country. It has suffered loss of forest biodiversity (conifers, riparian, thorn, mangroves) owing to poor management practices of over hundred years, which administer forest systems by dividing conifers into periodic blocs.

What is the importance of forest Class 9?

Forests are renewable resources and play a major role in enhancing the quality of the environment. They modify the local climate and control soil erosion. They regulate the flow of streams and support a variety of industries like the rubber industry. Forests also provide a livelihood for many communities.

What is the importance of forest Class 7?

Forests Provide Food and Shelter to Wild Animals and Birds The different layers of vegetation present in a forest provide food and shelters to animals, birds and insects which live in the forest. The forest provides leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, nuts and bark of trees, as food for the various herbivorous animals.

What are the important reasons that forests in Pakistan are very less than the requirements?

Which is the biggest forest in Pakistan?

Changa Manga

Changa Manga Urdu: چھانگا مانگا‎
Area 5,065 hectares (12,515 acres)
Established 1866
Governing body Punjab Forest Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan

Why is it important that forests by the coast are protected?

Coastal protection: The dense root systems of mangrove forests trap sediments flowing down rivers and off the land. This helps stabilizes the coastline and prevents erosion from waves and storms.

How can we increase forests in Pakistan?

Enhance carbon sequestration in and around high conservation value forests in target landscapes by:

  1. Protecting existing forests.
  2. Restoring and rehabilitating degraded coniferous forests by closing them for natural regeneration and new plantation.
  3. Rehabilitating scrub forests through dry afforestation techniques.

Why are the forests so important in Pakistan?

The forests of Pakistan reflect great physiographic, climate and edaphic contrasts in the country. The desired level of forests is 20-30 percent of the total land of a country. In Pakistan only about 4.8 percent of the total area is forested which is very low. Forests are important in many different ways.

Which is the most important natural resource of Pakistan?

Important Natural Resources Of Pakistan The important natural resources of Pakistan are described as under :- Soil Water Air/Winds Forests Minerals and Power/Energy Resources Oil & Gas Coal 4. Soil The Soil of Pakistan belongs to dry group having high calcium carbonate and content and deficient in organic matter.

Why are forests so important to the environment?

There is more to forests than just a massive collection of trees. It is a natural, complex ecosystem, made up of a wide variety of trees, that support a massive range of life forms. Quiet apart from trees, forests also include the soils that support the trees, the water bodies that run through them and even the atmosphere (air) around them.

Which is the best definition of a forest?

2. Introductio n A forest is a type of ecosystem in which there is high density of trees occupying a relatively large area of land. An ecosystem is an ecological unit consisting of a biotic community together with it’s a biotic environment.

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