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What is the IB planner?

What is the IB planner?

This planner includes everything your students will need to organize and reflect on your PYP units of inquiry. Pages have been updated to reflect the PYP Enhancements including pages. International Baccalaureate.

What is International Baccalaureate in school?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a worldwide, nonprofit education program founded to give all students the opportunity to receive an education fit for a globalizing world. There are four IB education programs, all of which are intended to develop students’ intellectual, emotional, personal and social skills.

What is an IB central idea?

Central Idea: A PYP central idea has an enduring understanding, relates and connects concepts and transfers through time and across cultures. The central idea of each unit of inquiry is what students are investigating.

How do I create an IB central idea?

Here is a summary of what makes a good central idea:

  1. It is a concept based generalisation.
  2. Children can access the language.
  3. It acts as a provocation for the children.
  4. It connects to other concepts within future units.
  5. It is organically transdisciplinary.
  6. You can find a clear summative assessment from the central idea.

What are the benefits of the International Baccalaureate?

The IB supports schools and teachers to provide a rigorous, high-quality education, offering professional development that improves pedagogy and leadership.

How does a school become an IB World School?

Schools must successfully complete an authorization process to become an IB World School. During this process, the IB supports schools in building the understanding and organizational structures they need to implement the IB’s internationally-minded programmes. Learn more about implementing the PYP at your school.

How does the IB Primary Years Programme work?

Primary Years Programme The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) for children aged 3 – 12 nurtures and develops young students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning. The PYP offers an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding.

When do BSGE planners come out for French?

BSGE planners will be available in September for students. French class: 1 composition notebook (8-1/2 x 7 inches, approximately 24 sheets.) We expect students to carry their “tool kits” with them to each class. Graphing Calculator- TI 84 Plus .

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