What is the Gnome film called?

What is the Gnome film called?

Gnome Alone
Gnome Alone is a 2017 Canadian-American computer-animated fantasy comedy film directed by Peter Lepeniotis and written by Michael Schwartz and Zina Zaflow, from a story by Robert Moreland.

Is Gnome Alone a good movie?

There might be a few scary moments for very young viewers, but it is probably nothing they haven’t seen before in other movies. Overall, Gnome Alone is a fun, whimisical film that also places importance on values lost on the current generation. A fantastic, must-see movie for young teens and children.

How many Gnome Alone movies are there?

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Feature films Valiant (2005) • Happily N’Ever After (2007) • Space Chimps (2008) • Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back (2010) • Get Squirrely (2016) • Gnome Alone (2018) • Charming (2018) • Trouble (2019) Upcoming: The Cats from Outer Space (2023)
People John H. Williams

What was the budget for Gnome Alone?

The “Gnome Alone” announcement was made by 3QU Media principals Williams and Henry Skelsey. Variety reported in 2014 that Williams and Henry Skelsky had launched the company to create family friendly CG-animated films for global audiences with plans for four films, each with budgets under $20 million.

When was Gnome Alone made?

November 2, 2017
Gnome Alone/Initial release

Who is the villain in Gnome Alone?

The Mega Trogg was an extradimensional behemoth that served as the main antagonist in the film, Gnome Alone.

What age is Gnome Alone for?

There are a few mildly scary moments and younger kids are unlikely to understand why Chloe is so desperate for popularity so we recommend this movie for kids aged 5 and over.

How old is Chloe from Gnome Alone?

Chloe is a fourteen-year-old girl who moved into a tall wooden house that was full of garden gnomes and a bunch of dark secrets.

Who sings in Gnome Alone?

Becky G
When the nasty, sharp-toothed beasties infest the place, Chloe partners with the head gnome (George Lopez) and her nerdy neighbor Liam (Josh Peck) to save the day. Fun fact: Becky G sings a tune on the movie’s soundtrack by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, who makes his debut as a film composer here.

Is Gnome alone a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet?

Sherlock Gnomes is a 2018 3D computer-animated film directed by John Stevenson. Based on the character Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the film serves as a sequel and spin-off to Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)….

Sherlock Gnomes
Budget $59 million
Box office $90.4 million

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