What is the difference between Michelin Pilot Road 4 and 4 GT?

What is the difference between Michelin Pilot Road 4 and 4 GT?

The difference between the Standard and GT models is in construction, with the GT model using a 2AT (Dual Angle Technology) design that’s claimed to provide the rigidity of a bias-ply tire and the sporty performance of a radial tire.

How long do Michelin Pilot Sport 4’s last?

Summer tires set high standards for dry and wet grip, but are not designed for cold, wintry weather. They are suitable for many coupes, sedans, and sports cars. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4s is one of the rare few with a tread wear warranty, of 30,000 miles.

Is Michelin Pilot Sport 4 noisy?

Overall – The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is a tyre with almost no weaknesses, it has excellent grip in all conditions, good aquaplaning resistance, and a low noise.

Are Michelin Pilot 4 Tyres directional?

Designed for sports cars and high performance saloons, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S offers unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its exceptional steering precision and directional stability.

What cars come with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S?

The Pilot Sport 4S is Michelin Max Performance Summer tire developed in cooperation with some of the most demanding vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche to utilize key technologies engineered during competition in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Are Pilot Sport 4S worth it?

Yes, it’s that good. Overall, there’s not much to be said here. The Pilot Sport 4S is simply at the top of the class for ultra-high performance summer tires. If you’re looking for a tire that will complement and enhance the capabilities of your sports car or sedan, this Michelin tire will do just that.

Is Michelin Pilot Sport 4 a run flat?

Although a Michelin Pilot Sport 4 car tyre is not a run-flat, there are several distinct advantages to this. One is that they can often be repaired, if damaged, and another is that the treads do not wear as fast as those on run-flats.

Can you rotate Michelin Pilot Sport 4S?

The Pilot 4S has an “Inside” and an “Outside”, but are not directional. They can be rotated left to right, but they should still have the outside to the outside and inside to the inside.

Are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S all season directional?

No, they are not directional.

What does 4S mean on Michelin tires?

The ‘4S’ in PS4S does not mean it’s a four-season (all-season) tire. The PS4S is Michelin’s 4th-generation Pilot Sport UHP summer tire, carrying on the legacy of the original Pilot Sport, the Pilot Sport PS2 and the Pilot Super Sport.

Are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S good in rain?

3. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (Ultra High Performance Summer) Like the Super Sports, they are a summer-only tire, so these will only deliver the desired wet weather performance if its above 45 degrees outside.

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