What is the definition of coupled with?

What is the definition of coupled with?

: to join or combine (something) with (something else) The exhibit couples poems with paintings. —usually used as (be) coupled with An oil spill coupled with strong winds brought disaster.

What’s another word for Combined with?

What is another word for combined with?

affiliated associated
combined connected
incorporated joined
linked aligned with
allied with amalgamated

How do you use coupled with in a sentence?

coupled with in a sentence

  • This was coupled with gallery owners who would not take him seriously.
  • A couple with two children would have a tax saving this large.
  • Any relief for Belgrade must also be coupled with relief for Bosnia.
  • The end of hyperinflation coupled with such propaganda has calmed some fears.

What are two synonyms for combine?


  • associate.
  • blend.
  • couple.
  • fuse.
  • incorporate.
  • link.
  • merge.
  • mix.

Can I start a sentence with coupled with?

Her mother’s warmth and demonstrativeness were coupled with a decisive bias toward action. Lack of availability of imported produce, coupled with prohibitive prices, dictate that cooks use what is available locally. Smaller individual workstations, coupled with more common work areas may use space more productively.

Is there a comma after Coupled with?

Connectives, phrases such as combined with, coupled with, accompanied by, added to, along with, together with, and as well as, do not change the number of the subject. These phrases are usually set off with commas.

When can I use along with?

2 : together with (something or someone) A bill came along with the merchandise. He worked along with several colleagues to finish on time.

What is the difference between along with and with?

Key Difference – With vs Along With With is a commonly used preposition in English. Along with is a phrase that is formed by combining the two prepositions with and along. Along with means in addition to or together with.

What is the right form of combines?

verb (used with object), com·bined, com·bin·ing. verb (used without object), com·bined, com·bin·ing. to unite; coalesce: The clay combined with the water to form a thick paste. to unite for a common purpose; join forces: After the two factions combined, they proved invincible.

What is a word that starts with COM and means together?

Together; with; joint; jointly:commensalism.

What is another word for “cope with”?

cope-with | definition: satisfy or fulfill | synonyms: manage, cope, contend, deal, make out, meet, get by, match, make do, grapple| antonyms: disorganize

What is another word for “dealt with”?

Synonyms for dealt (with) acted (toward), handled, served, treated, used, was (to)

What is another word for “come up with”?

Synonyms for Come up with: v. •begin; put into operation (verb) institute. Other synonyms: • conceptualize, infer, cater to, adjudge, appraise, cater for, provide, conjecture, serve up, equip, purvey, conceive, come across with, prejudge, tool up, judge.

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