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What is the compression of the Callaway chrome soft Truvis?

What is the compression of the Callaway chrome soft Truvis?

Compression: 90. Dual SoftFast Core creates fast ball speeds and low spin off the tee for maximum distance. Tour Urethane cover and four-piece construction deliver optimal control. Increased spin around the green for elite short game performance.

Which Callaway ball is like Pro V1?

The Callaway Chrome Soft is Callaway’s answer to the Pro V1. It hit the market in 2015 and is in its 3rd generation construction right now. The Chrome Soft is a 4-piece golf ball with an ultra soft urethane cover that has a feathery soft feel.

What goes further Pro V1 or prov1x?

According to Titleist, the three-layer Pro V1 golf ball is made to fly lower than the Pro V1x, and it provides a softer feel. The four-layer Pro V1x, on the other hand, is designed for a higher flight and more spin, and provides a slightly firmer feel compared to the Pro V1.

Why do some golf balls look like soccer balls?

The Truvis pattern — that’s the old soccer ball pattern — creates a red-white contrast that improves the player’s view of the ball for improved focus. The Chrome Soft ball is otherwise the same, with a soft core to offer better feel and spin without sacrificing distance.

Who makes the golf balls that look like soccer balls?

The golf ball that’s become a bit of a cult favorite, the Truvis version of Callaway’s Chrome Soft, now has a charitable mission behind its soccer-ball pattern.

Is the new Callaway chrome soft with Truvis technology golf ball?

Now, you may be or may not be a big fan of soccer, but the New Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology really do improve your view of the golf ball, and that has nothing to do with your personal design-preference in a ball, right?

What are the advantages of Truvis chrome golf ball?

Confidence is great, because it certainly improves your performance on the golf course, as confidence makes kings. Another advantage of the New Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology is that you can really see it spin, especially on pitches and chips, offering plenty of feedback on what you’re doing.

What makes the new Callaway chrome soft so good?

Also, the New Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology features a four piece construction and a state of the art Dual SoftFast core, for delivering increased ball speeds and improved spin rates, thus enhancing performance, regardless of what driver you’re using.

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