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What is the best time to visit Neil Island?

What is the best time to visit Neil Island?

Best Time to Visit Neil Island

  • October to February: October has a very pleasant climate and the overall weather is quite comfortable for sightseeing and water sports.
  • March to May: These months constitute the summer season in Neil Island.
  • June to September: These months constitute the monsoon season in Neil Island.

How many days are enough for Neil Island?

The ideal itinerary to visit Neil Island is 5 Nights and 6 Days. You should have at least 4 nights to cover Havelock & Neil Island in their itinerary but we recommend a minimum of a 1-night stay in Neil and a maximum of 2 nights. Spending more than 2 days as there is nothing much to see at Neil.

Can we stay at Neil Island?

Staying at Neil is definitely safe ; even we have enjoyed our stay at Neil very much compare to other part of Andaman. As per my experience Neil is bit different compare to Havelock and other island. You’d enjoy for sure; though one night stay is enough for Neil.

Is Neil island worth visiting?

Its definitely worth it. Not only for the people who are scared of getting into water, but for every one. Water is so clear that you can easily watch the beautiful world of fishes and corals just like that.

Which is the best beach in Neil Island?

Best Beaches in Neil Island (2021 Edition)

  • Sitapur/Sunrise Beach.
  • Bharatpur Beach.
  • Ramnagar Beach.
  • Laxmanpur Beach.
  • Natural Rock Formation.

Can Neil Island be skipped?

It is a small island. But if you have stayed on havelock island & visited elephenta beach, then you can skip it.

What is special in Neil Island?

Neil Island is best known for its unparalleled biodiversity and unexplored span of dense tropical forests and greenery complemented by white sand beaches and rich coral reefs. Currently known as the Shaheed Dweep, this is a small island that spans over an area of 13.7 Sq. KM.

Is one day enough at Neil Island?

Depends entirely on what you intend to do during the time. If it is for relaxation and enjoying the beautiful shades of the sea, even 2 days may be less. And it is to be a hectic activity, half day is enough. The island is very small and you can cover it entirely in a few hours.

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