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What is the best recording of St Matthew Passion?

What is the best recording of St Matthew Passion?

Archiv Produktions 4276482 (1988) From the day of its release, John Eliot Gardiner’s 1988 recording with The English Baroque Soloists and The Monteverdi Choir planted itself firmly among the list of favourite recordings.

What key is St Matthew’s Passion?

Bach’s large choral composition was written to present the Passion, as told in the Gospel of Matthew, in a vespers service on Good Friday. It is composed in two parts, that were to be performed before and after the sermon of that service….Movements.

NBA 11
BWV 17
Gospel Ev, Jesus, Judas
Key F minor → G major

Who wrote St Matthew’s Passion?

Johann Sebastian Bach
St. Matthew Passion/Composers

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his St. Matthew Passion for a single purpose — to present the Passion story in music at Good Friday vesper services. Bach’s Passion continues to move audiences nearly three centuries after it was first heard in St. Thomas’s Church in Leipzig, Germany.

How many passions Bach composed?

five Passions
He composed four perhaps five Passions (the others have been lost), and he more or less alternated performing them over the years (and revised them as well). The interior of St. Thomaskirche, Leipzig, where J. S. Bach was cantor for 27 years.

Is St Matthew Passion an opera?

Matthew Passion, as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic with stage direction by Peter Sellars. Johann Sebastian Bach never wrote an opera, but his St. Matthew Passion comes close — especially in an extraordinary new DVD of a semi-staged performance featuring the Berlin Philharmonic.

What vocal part predominates in the St. Matthew Passion?

the tenor Evangelist
The narration of the Gospel texts is sung by the tenor Evangelist in secco recitative accompanied only by continuo.

Why is Matthew’s Passion important?

Matthew Passion in the 1720s, the Passion, as a musical form, had grown to allow orchestra, choirs, and non-scriptural choruses and arias. But even by the standard of the Baroque Passion, the Passion According to St. Matthew is exceptional for its musical richness and its grand scope.

Did Bach write a St Luke Passion?

The St Luke Passion (German: Lukas-Passion), BWV 246, is a Passion setting formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. It is included in the BWV catalog under the number 246.

What is St Matthew the patron saint of?

Matthew’s relics were reputedly discovered in Salerno (Italy) in 1080. His symbol is an angel, and he is a patron saint of tax collectors and accountants.

How long is Bach’s St Matthew Passion?

In its recording history, interpretations of the St Matthew Passion differ in terms of language, duration, ensemble size and instrumentation, among other variables. The St Matthew Passion is the longest of all Bach ’s works. While recordings vary based on tempo, most performances last between two-and-a-half to three hours.

Are there any other passion settings by Bach?

The St Matthew Passion is one of two passion settings by Bach that survive today – the other being his earlier St John Passion.

Are there any recordings of the St Matthew Passion?

Gardiner has since revisited the St Matthew Passion, recording a live concert performance in 2017 on The Monteverdi Choir’s own label. Though also highly recommended, it doesn’t quite match the sheer visceral thrill of his first recording. St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244, Pt. 2: Part II: Aria and Chorus: Ach!

Who are the singers in Bach’s St Matthew Passion?

It’s our only non period-instrument contender and features A-list singers from the 1960s, including Elisabeth Schwartzkopf, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Peter Pears – the latter is clearly caught at the top of his game. The broad tempi taken in the opening chorus, ‘Kommt, ihr Töchter’, set the scene for a performance of great intensity.

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