What is the best bait for horse flies?

What is the best bait for horse flies?

For Odour baits you could use any of the following: Carbon dioxide (CO 2) – As carbon dioxide is a component of cattle breath so horse flies are attracted to it. You could use a CO2 cylinder or ‘dry ice’ to attract them.

What are horse flies attracted to?

What Attracts Horse Flies? Female Horse flies detect humans and animals by colors, and movements, they are attracted to shiny objects, warmth, sweat, and exhaled carbon dioxide.

Is there a trap for horse flies?

The H-Trap has been scientifically proven to catch biting female horse flies better than any other commercial or government surveillance trap on the market. And our horse fly trap will last for many enjoyable years to come.

How do I make a horse fly trap?

  1. Cut the top quarter of the soda bottle off.
  2. In the bottom portion of the plastic bottle, combine the sugar, syrup and vinegar.
  3. Invert the top of the bottle and lay it inside the bottom, creating a funnel into the bait.
  4. Place the trap in an area that is highly trafficked by horseflies.

Do fly traps work for biting flies?

One trap will provide effective control over an area covering up to 40 acres. Significantly reduces biting flies to help protect your horses from EIA and other biting-fly transmitted diseases.

How do you make a horse fly trap?

Does fly bait work on horse flies?

Maxforce fly bait is labeled for horse flies but when used around barns or horses it should only be used in fly bait stations and not placed where horses or other livestock can access the bait. Please carefully read and follow the label instructions when making the application to the horses.

Do horsefly traps work?

Extensive independent trials have shown a reduction of 90-95% in horse fly numbers in areas protected by the H-trap can be realized. The horse flies are ‘tricked’ into mistaking the centrally placed black ball in the H-trap as a large animal, such as your horse.

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