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What is the Addams Family replacing on MeTV?

What is the Addams Family replacing on MeTV?

The Addams Family will air weeknights at 6:00pm starting Monday, May 3, replacing The Flintstones weekday airing.

What is the most popular show on Me TV?

15, 2010. In 2015, MeTV had its largest audience ever when over 1.3 million total viewers watched MeTV Remembers the M*A*S*H Finale. More recently, in May of 2020, horror spoof Svengoolie delivered his largest audience ever, with over 1.2 million total viewers.

What happened MeTV Phoenix?

Digital channels On August 1, 2011, MeTV was moved to subchannel 7.2 with RTV moving to 7.3. MeTV also airs locally in Phoenix on Cox Communications digital channel 93. On September 17, 2012, RTV programming on 7.3 was replaced by the Home Shopping Network.

What new shows are coming to Antenna TV?

Beginning in January, Antenna TV will add the Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, Designing Women and NewsRadio.

Is MeTV changing their lineup?

MeTV has announced its summer 2021 schedule. MeTV will air the Tony Shalhoub series Monk in primetime on Sundays at 8pm and 9pm beginning Sunday, July 18. The series will join the lineup following fellow detective Columbo from 6-8pm to form a detective block.

Does MeTV get good ratings?

It’s all happening as MeTV enjoys record-high ratings from coast to coast. Boasting an audience of 27 million viewers a week, it’s the fifth highest-rated cable network in the country, behind only Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and HGTV.

Where can I watch MeTV plus?

Among area cable systems, MeTV Plus will be carried on Comcast Xfinity 361/1168, RCN 30, WOW 196, Medicom 112 and Spectrum 188. At the outset the network also will air on a digital subchannel of KMOH, the Weigel station serving Phoenix, Arizona. Weigel-owned stations in other markets are expected to follow.

How can I watch MeTV?

Watch via Hulu App You can check out the official MeTV website for a complete listing of platforms as of now, but this free service is provided by Hulu and is attainable if you have a Hulu subscription already. If not, you can always sign up as a new user and watch your favourite MeTV shows.

Are there any classic TV shows on MeTV?

The following is a list of programs broadcast on MeTV, a classic television network carried on digital subchannels of over-the-air broadcast stations, satellite TV, and cable TV in the United States. This list does not include runs on MeTV’s local stations in Chicago and Milwaukee before December 2010.

Is the Toon in with me show on MeTV?

The MeTV Network, America’s #1 classic television network, announces the launch of the new original morning show Toon In With Me. The weekday one-hour hosted series will feature original comedy sketches, special guests, interviews, games and more, produced to lead into many of the greatest classic cartoon shorts ever made.

Who is the owner of the TV network MeTV?

MeTV is an American broadcast television network, owned and operated by Weigel Broadcasting.

When does Disney + come out on TV?

Disney+ is the hottest arrival in the global streaming TV space since Netflix. Having launched in November 2019, the day-one movie and TV line-up was robust, but was missing things like Coco, Thor Ragnarokand National Treasure.

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