What is starting platform in swimming?

What is starting platform in swimming?

Starting blocks are raised platforms typically mounted on the pool deck at the end of competitive swimming lanes. In most installations, the height of the starting block platform above the water surface is less than 29 ½” above the water surface.

When were starting blocks first used in swimming?

First used at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin Germany, for may years Starting Blocks were simple box platforms which the swimmers began their swim. Since then, these platforms have undergone important and marked changes in design, materials and functionality.

Why do swimmers use starting blocks?

Olympic swimmers don’t just dive into the pool like the rest of us. The blocks, first used in international competition at the Swimming World Cup in 2009, let swimmers push off from a crouch with the rear leg at a 90-degree angle, optimizing the power of their launch. The block also can detect false starts.

What is the role of starter in swimming?

Starter – responsible for sending swimmers off the block and making sure each swimmer leaves on time. If a swimmer jumps early, the starter may penalize him or her for a false start. The starter controls the swimmers from the time the referee turns them over to when the race begins.

What are the platforms called from which swimmers dive in competitive swimming?

Pool Swimming. Block: The starting platform; the area from which a swimmer dives into the pool to begin a race.

Why do swimmers jump up and down?

This is all to keep the athlete warm and his or her muscles loose and ready to go. The looser a swimmer is, the better they will swim, because they will already be warmed up. Their temperature will then be better as they swim and their range of motion will be greater because they will be looser.

When were starting blocks first used in the Olympics?

The first use of starting blocks for Summer Olympic track events was in 1948 in London. Previously, athletes dug holes in the track in order to gain footholds prior to starting sprint events.

Can a competitive swimmer use a swim starting platform?

NOTE: Competitive swimming starting platforms are to be used by trained competitive swimmers only. Shallow racing dives ONLY should be executed. Impact with pool bottom can cause serious injury. Please refer to applicable codes and regulations for your specific installation.

How does the swimming start in the Olympics?

On the starter’s command, “take your mark,” each swimmer assumes a starting position, arched over the knees and grasping the front edge of the platform. When all swimmers are still, the starter activates an electronic tone to start the race, and the competitors dive into the pool.

Are there track start blocks for swimming pools?

Our FINA approved Track-Start blocks are used in major international competitions and are standard equipment in pool facilities worldwide, making it possible for athletes to train on the same blocks used in competitions.

How tall should a FINA Water Platform be?

The height of the platform above the water surface shall be from 0.5 metre to 0.75 metre. The surface area shall be at least 0.5 metre x 0.5 metre and covered with a non-slip material. Maximum slope shall not be more than 10 degrees. The starting platform may have an adjustable setting back plate.

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