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What is setSelectionRange?

What is setSelectionRange?

setSelectionRange() method sets the start and end positions of the current text selection in an or element. This lets you indicate, for example, that the selection was set by the user clicking and dragging from the end of the selected text toward the beginning.

What is selectionStart?

selectionStart specifies the index of the selection/highlighted text within the . Initially, they are set to 0 , and if the is focused but no text is selected, the selectionStart and selectionEnd values will be the same, and reflect the position of the caret within the value of the .

How do you highlight selected text in textarea?

You can’t actually highlight text in a . Any markup you would add to do so would simply display as plain text within the . The good news is, with some carefully crafted CSS and JavaScript, you can fake it.

What is selected in JavaScript?

The SELECTED attribute in HTML and the selected property in JavaScript work differently. You can set the initial state with the SELECTED attribute, while the selected property contains the actual state of the option. If you want to get or set the initial state in JavaScript, use the defaultSelected property.

What is getSelection in JavaScript?

getSelection() method returns a Selection object representing the range of text selected by the user or the current position of the caret.

What does Range collapse do?

The Range. collapse() method collapses the Range to one of its boundary points. A collapsed Range is empty, containing no content, specifying a single-point in a DOM tree.

How do you define a range in JavaScript?

JavaScript Range How to create range in Javascript. range is a function that basically takes in a starting index and ending index then return a list of all integers from start to end. The most obvious way would be using a for loop.

What are the selecting methods in JavaScript?

The element allows you to select one or multiple options. Add the multiple attribute to the element to enable multiple selections. The HTMLSelectElement represents the element. Use the selectedIndex and value to get the index and value of the selected option.

What is selected index in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, selectedIndex property is used to set the value of a select box element. The selectedIndex property sets or returns the index of the selected value in a drop-down list.

What does getSelection method do?

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