What is set off in grammar?

What is set off in grammar?

phrasal verb. set off. ​to begin a journey.

What is the meaning of set someone off?

(phrasal verb) in the sense of upset. Definition. to cause (a person) to act or do something, such as laugh. The smallest thing sets him off.

What is the meaning of set off in accounting?

The word “set-off” gives us the idea that it is something related to writing off or reduction in the value. In simple accounting terms, when a debtor can decrease the amount of one’s debt by the amount owed by the creditor to the debtor it is known as setting off.

What is set-off agreement?

Set-off clauses are written into legal agreements to protect the lender. A set-off clause allows the lender to seize assets belonging to the borrower, such as bank accounts, in the event of a default. Set-off clauses are also used by manufacturers and other sellers of goods to protect them from a default by a buyer.

Does set off mean separate?

If you want a verb, write it as two separate words: set off. Black’s definition of set off suggests that it’s synonymous with counterclaim or offset. According to Black’s, offset (the noun) means “Something (such as an amount or claim) that balances or compensates for something else; SETOFF.”

What means set off against?

(set something off against something) to compare one thing with another. The quality of the facilities must be set off against the cost of using them. Synonyms and related words. To compare or connect things.

What is legally set-off?

1. The right of someone who owes money to subtract from the debt any money owed in the other direction. 2. A defedant’s monetary demand against the plaintiff for some injury unrelated to the plaintiff’s claim.

What is write off set-off?

The right of set off is also known as the right of combination of accounts . A bank has a right to set off a debt owing to a customer against a debt due from him. A set-off must be in the form of a cross claim for a liquidated amount and it can be pleaded only in respect of a liquidated claim.

What means set-off against?

What does set off mean?

setoff (offset) n. a claim by a defendant in a lawsuit that the plaintiff (party filing the original suit) owes the defendant money which should be subtracted from the amount of damages claimed by plaintiff.

What is the definition of a set off?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Set-off. In law, a set-off is a statutory defense to the whole or to a portion of a plaintiff’s claim. It had no existence under the English common law, being created by 2 Geo.

What does it mean to set someone off?

set someone off. 1. Fig. to cause someone to become very angry; to ignite someone’s anger. (Based on set something off {2}.) That kind of thing really sets me off ! Your rude behavior set off Mrs. Franklin.

What is a synonym for set off?

set-back, setoff, offset(noun) structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly. Synonyms: outset, runner, counterbalance, first, stolon, showtime , starting time, offshoot, set-back, start, offset printing, get-go, kickoff, outgrowth, commencement, offset, branch, beginning.

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