What is Rule Set in Pega?

What is Rule Set in Pega?

A ruleset identifies, stores, and manages the set of rules that define an application or a significant portion of an application. If a rule is similar to a song, a ruleset is similar to an entire album.

How many types of rules are there in Pega?

The Pega based product has a little more than 180 specific rule types. There are rules to accomplish almost anything you need to do in creating an application.

What is a rule set?

Rule set definitions are a collection of data rule definitions. Rule sets provide the capability to achieve this broader, more holistic, view of a data source and its records by executing and evaluating multiple rules together against individual records.

What is RuleSet stack in Pega?

Ruleset behavior at design time Each application in the hierarchical application tree consists of various rulesets that the Pega Platform automatically assembles into a linear ruleset stack. This ruleset stack defines what rulesets are available for a specific rule to use for context purposes at design time.

How do you make a rule set?

You can create a new rule set file from the New File dialog:

  1. Select File > New > File, or press Ctrl+N.
  2. In the New File dialog box, select the General category on the left, and then select Code Analysis Rule Set.
  3. Select Open. The new . ruleset file opens in the rule set editor.

How do you make a rule set in PEGA?

Do the following:

  1. Open the ruleset and open the Save As RuleSet form.
  2. Enter a new, unique ruleset name.
  3. Keep the default version 01-01-01 or modify it.
  4. Keep the default Description value or modify it.
  5. Update the prerequisite RuleSets and versions if necessary.

What are the different types of layouts in Pega?

Dynamic layouts contain views. Dynamic layouts facilitate the process of rendering the user interface in the HTML5 document type. Dynamic layouts maintain a fixed screen size. Dynamic layouts arrange items in a flexible form that automatically adjusts to screen size.

What is Rule Resolution in Pega?

Rule Resolution is the process Pega uses to determine the most appropriate rule to execute. When a rule is referenced in a Pega application, rule resolution attempts to locate instances of the rule in the rules cache. Then Pega confirms the rule is available for use.

What is the use of rule set?

Introduction. A rule or “rule set” is a statement that tells browsers how to render particular elements on an HTML page. A rule set consists of a selector followed by a declaration block.

What is a rule set in code?

A rule set is a grouping of code analysis rules that identify targeted issues and specific conditions for that project. For example, you can apply a rule set that’s designed to scan code for publicly available APIs. You can also apply a rule set that includes all the available rules.

What is production ruleset in Pega?

Production rulesets include rules that are updated in the production environment. The most common use of production rulesets is for delegated rules. However, production rulesets can be used for any use case requiring rules to be updated in a production environment.

What is Rule Resolution in PEGA?

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