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What is OwnIndex VO2max polar?

What is OwnIndex VO2max polar?

In Polar Fitness Test the person gets a score, Polar OwnIndex, which is comparable to VO2max (maximal oxygen uptake in ml.min-1.kg-1), a commonly used descriptor of aerobic fitness. Fitness tests are most useful when following individual progress by comparing new results to previous ones.

How accurate is VO2max on polar?

The average VO2max of the two Polar tests and the Bruce test show greatest positive correlation (n=19; r=0.655; p<0.001). The reliability of the Polar watch indicated significance between the test-retest results (n=19; r=. 907; p<. 05).

How is polar VO2max calculated?

It doesn’t require any physical effort – you can take it lying down in five minutes. It calculates your VO2max based on resting heart rate, heart rate variability, age, height, weight, sex and training background.

Does polar ignite measure VO2max?

You can use the Polar Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate feature to estimate your VO2max and update it to your physical settings.

How do you do the Polar Fitness Test?

To perform the Fitness test:

  1. Wear your Polar Bluetooth heart rate sensor.
  2. Swipe to Fitness test and tap the icon.
  3. Lie down, stay relaxed and limit body movements and communication with other people.
  4. After the test Test completed is shown and you’ll get your test result.

What is the fitness test on the Polar Vantage M?

The Polar Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate is an easy, safe and quick way to estimate your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness at rest. The result, Polar OwnIndex, is comparable to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), which is commonly used to evaluate aerobic fitness.

What is a good VO2 max for a man?

VO2 Max Chart for Men (ml/kg/min)

Classification 18-25 26-35
Excellent >60 >56
Good 52-60 49-56
Above average 47-51 43-48
Average 42-46 40-42

What is a good VO2 max?

Elite male runners have shown VO2 maxes of up to 85 mL/kg/min, and elite female runners have scored up to 77 mL/kg/min. A good VO2 max for a 25-year-old male is 42.5-46.4 mL/kg/min, while a good value for a 25-year-old female is 33.0-36.9 mL/kg/min.

Is a VO2 max of 40 good?

These are the ranges of VO2max that researchers have identified in the general population. This is where things can get tricky. Similar VO2max results can mean different things for different people. A VO2max of 40 can be excellent for one person, good for another, and only fair for a third.

Is VO2 max of 50 good?

The average non-trained male achieves a VO2 max of roughly 30 to 40 mL/kg/min. A good VO2 max score for a 30-year-old man is 50-55 mL/kg/min, while a good a score for a 30-year-old woman is 45-50 mL/kg/min.

What is a good VO2 max for a 40 year old man?

Maximal oxygen uptake norms for men (ml/kg/min)

rating 18-25 36-45
good 52-60 43-51
above average 47-51 39-42
average 42-46 35-38
below average 37-41 31-34

Which is highest VO 2max or ownindex?

The range of the OwnIndex is the same as that for VO 2max, from 25 which can be measured for unfit sedentary individual to 95 which is the level reached by Olympic athletes such as top cross-country skiers. VO 2max is highest in sports that involve large muscle groups such as cross-country skiing and cycling.

How does polar fitness test and ownindex work?

The Polar Fitness Test resulting an OwnIndex is developed to measure aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness. It predicts maximal aerobic power (maximal oxygen uptake, VO 2max in ml. min -1. kg -1 ). This indicates how many millilitres of oxygen your body is able to transport and use per each kilogram of your body weight in one minute.

Which is the best definition of VO2 max?

VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake, maximal aerobic power) is the maximal rate at which oxygen can be used by the body during maximal exercise; it is related directly to the maximal capacity of the heart to deliver blood to the muscles.

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