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What is outcome-based assessment in education?

What is outcome-based assessment in education?

Outcomes-based assessment is the deliberate collection of evidence of student learning based on outcomes. It yields a mark relative to the outcomes (criterion referenced) rather than other students.

What is learner-centered outcomes-based education?

Outcome-based education (OBE) is a learner-centered learning philosophy that focuses on measuring students’ performance (the outcomes). Therefore, what matters most in OBE is “what is learnt” rather than “what is taught”.

What are the ways to assess students performance in a learner-centered learning?

Learner-Centred Assessment

  • Consider what you want your students to learn and tell them.
  • Select assignments and tests that measure what you value most.
  • Construct an assessment skeleton.
  • Collaborate with your students to set and achieve goals.
  • Make assignment and test instructions clear to students.
  • References.

What is the focus of assessment in Outcomes-Based Education?

Outcome-based assessment (OBA) asks us to first identify what it is we expect students to be able to do once they have completed a course or program. It then asks us to provide evidence that they are able to do so.

What are the 4 basic principles of outcome based education?

1. Clarity of focus on culminating outcomes of significance; 2. Expanded opportunity and support for learning success; 3. High expectations for all to succeed; and 4.

In what way OBE is meaningful?

First and foremost, OBE is an organizational structure. It’s a way to structure content around activities that lead to demonstrable proficiency of a specific skill, knowledge, or behavior. As a learning model, OBE is non-prescriptive. Instead, it offers a handful of principles that are worth considering in more detail.

What is a learner centered assessment?

Student-centered learning demands that students set their own objectives for learning and determine the resources and activities that will help them meet those objectives (Jonassen, 2000).

What is learner Centred assessment?

With all of the approaches, the focus is on the individual student and how well they are learning the material and retaining that knowledge for future use. …

How is assessment of achieved learning related to outcomes based education?

Assessment plays a key role in acknowledging that a learner has attained the intended knowledge, skills and competences. This model is contextualised in the broader framework of outcome based learning, based on the unit of learning as the means by which the learners achieve such intended outcomes.

What is the main goal of outcomes based education?

Outcome-based education is a model of education that rejects the traditional focus on what the school provides to students, in favor of making students demonstrate that they “know and are able to do” whatever the required outcomes are. OBE reforms emphasize setting clear standards for observable, measurable outcomes.

What is meaningful OBE?

Return to Homepage. Meaningful learning refers to the concept that the learned knowledge (lets say a fact) is fully understood by the individual and that the individual knows how that specific fact relates to other stored facts (stored in your brain that is).

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