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What is Nandivardhanam called in English?

What is Nandivardhanam called in English?

It is vernacularly known as East Indian rosebay / Pinwheel flower / Moonbeam (English), Chandini (Hindi), Ananta / Tagar (Konkani / Marathi), Nanthiyar vattam (Malayalam), Nanthiyar vattai (Tamil), Nandi battallu (Kannada), Nandi Vardhanam (Telugu), Sagar (Gujarati), Nandivrksah (Sanskrit).

What is frangipani flower?

The frangipani is an iconic tropical tree bearing clusters of colourful and scented flowers during the warmer months of November through to April. The petals are waxy and the centre of the flower is a different colour – just like the most common variety which has white flowers with a yellow centre.

Is Raat Rani a tree?

Raat ki rani is an evergreen woody shrub growing tall. This sprawling shrub has glossy, smooth, simple leaves, vine-like stems. It blooms in cycles throughout warm weather. Greenish-creamy white tubular flowers rise from above leaves along the stem, followed by shiny white, fleshy berries.

What is the meaning of Raat Rani?

a night-long vigil kept by women with prayers and hymn-singing.

What is the family of jasmine?


jasmine, (genus Jasminum), also spelled jessamine, genus of about 200 species of fragrant-flowered shrubs and vines of the olive family (Oleaceae). The plants are native to tropical and to some temperate areas of the Old World. Several are cultivated as ornamentals.

What is Kampupot flower?

Kampupot is a type of flower belonging to Jasmine family. Its a one layered petals looks like white jasmine but has more sweet fragrance scent to it. Kampupot flower has more layers of petals with fragrance similar to sampaguita. It is also known as ‘Rose jasmine” and “Butt Mograw”.

Is a frangipani a tree?

The Plumeria, or frangipani as it’s commonly known, is a small genus in the dogbane family and it contains about eight species from tropical America. They’re mainly deciduous or semi evergreen shrubs and small trees and they’ve got simple, smooth edged leaves on fleshy branches.

What does frangipani symbolize?

A few different cultures have assigned meanings to the Frangipani flower, including modern American culture. These meanings include: The strength to withstand tough challenges. Connecting with spirits and ghosts.

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