What is mean by stimulate in Urdu?

What is mean by stimulate in Urdu?

Stimulate translation is “Targheeb dena” and Stimulate synonym words Arouse, Brace, Cause, Energize and Excite. Pronunciation roman Urdu is “Targheeb dena” and Translation of Stimulate in Urdu writing script is ترغیب دینا. …

What stimulator means?

: one that stimulates or provides a stimulus an electronic nerve stimulator immune system stimulators interdental stimulators.

What is stimulation in education?

In a stimulating classroom, students are able to move around, learn new ways of receiving knowledge, and are encouraged to question everything around them. Because of this, it’s easier for them to become involved in the learning process.

How do you use stimulate in a sentence?

Examples of stimulate in a Sentence A raise in employee wages might stimulate production. The economy was not stimulated by the tax cuts. a hormone that stimulates the growth of muscle tissue Their discussion stimulated him to research the subject more. He was stimulated by their discussion.

What does a stimulator do?

The stimulator delivers tiny pulses of mild electric current through the leads to specific nerves on the spinal cord. These impulses mask pain signals traveling to the brain.

What is the difference between stimulation and simulation?

The main difference between stimulation and simulation is that stimulation refers to arousing an organism to act while a simulation is an imitation of something. In brief, a stimulation drives an organism to act, whereas a simulation is the representation of something.

What does mind stimulation mean?

verb [usually passive] If you are stimulated by something, it makes you feel full of ideas and enthusiasm.

What does it mean to feel stimulated?

Stimulation is the encouragement of development or the cause of activity generally. When bodily stimulation is perceived it is traditionally called a sensation, such as a kind of touch or a taste or smell, or a painful or pleasurable sensation.

What is the full meaning of stimulating?

1. inspiring new ideas or enthusiasm. 2. (of a physical activity) making one feel refreshed and energetic.

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