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What is MCM in AWG?

What is MCM in AWG?

circular mils
MCM is an abbreviation for thousands of circular mils, an old measurement of wire gauge. 1 MCM = 1 kcmil = 0.5067 square milimeters. A mil is 1/1000 inch. A wire 200 mils in diameter is 40 MCM.

What is 250 MCM AWG?

AWG Cross Reference Wire Sizing Chart

Logical AWG Number AWG (and “Aught” */0 Equiv) MCM or kcmil
-1 2 133
-2 3 168
-3 4 212
-3.7 4.7 250

What does 500 MCM stand for?

Measurements. Thousand circular mils or kcmil, the wire gauge is equivalent cross sectional area (500 MCM = 500,000 circular mils) Million cubic metre, the unit of volume.

What AWG 1.5 MM2?

16 awg
A Simple Guide on Cable AWG to Metric Conversions

Metric MM2 (Diameter) AWG Approx Strading
0.75mm 20 awg 24/0.2
1mm 18 awg 32/0.2
1.5mm 16 awg 30/0.25
2.5mm 14 awg 50/0.25

What is the diameter of 1000 MCM cable?

Specifications: Size AWG: 1000. Weight per 1,000 ft: 3263 lbs. Outside Diameter: 1.310.

What does MCM and kcmil stand for in AWG?

AWG Cross Reference Wire Sizing Chart. MCM means 1000’s (M) of (C)ircular (M)ils. kcmil means 1000’s (K) of (C)ircular (M)ils. Mil means 1/1000 inch.

What does MCM stand for in wire chart?

MCM means 1000’s (M) of (C)ircular (M)ils

How big is the AWG cable in mm2?

AWG Number Cable Cross Section in mm² Outer Diameter Ø mm Conductor Resistance in Ohm/km 1000 MCM 507 29,3 0,036

What’s the smallest size of an AWG conductor?

The smallest AWG size is 40 and the largest is 0000 (4/0). AWG general rules of thumb – for every 6 gauge decrease, the wire diameter doubles and for every 3 gauge decrease, the cross sectional area doubles.

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